Monday, September 28, 2009

about us...

pat and i met at the university of rhode island during our freshman year in 1999.  i lived in a dorm where many of my guy friends pledged the same fraternity as pat, and we became friends through our mutual friends.  neither one of us remembers how we actually ever were introduced to each other, but what we do remember is that from the moment we met, we never forgot each other.

pat and his roommate phil "regis philbin" decandido were my friends all through college and it was always fun catching up with them on the weekends or on campus, all the way through graduation in 2003.

after URI we all went our separate ways - i stayed in rhode island and worked/lived in newport with some friends and pat went back to new jersey.  soon after, i moved to australia to live/work/travel for about a year and when i came back, it was time to move on to the real world.  i got a job in greenwich, CT, and commuted everyday from my hometown in guilford, CT.

after a few emails and phone calls through the years with phil, we finally made plans for me to go down and visit pat and phil in hoboken for a weekend.  our other good friend jon "billiam" hill came along as well.  we all went out for a little rhody reunion and that was all she wrote - 3 weeks later i moved to hoboken and we have been together ever since!

i will use this blog to post ideas and keep everyone up to date as we plan our wedding - as an event planner at heart, i've been waiting for this for my whole life, and i can't wait to get going!


  1. I am so happy for the both of you and your families! This is going to be a great year!'s all about the two of you! Enjoy it and take pictures of everything.


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