Sunday, October 18, 2009

my bridal party!

i am so excited to have my bridal party all figured out. 

christine allegrini - maid of honor
courtney page - bridesmaid
caitlin beattie - bridesmaid
breanne page - bridesmaid
betsy chaffet - bridesmaid
erin mcgrady - bridesmaid

courts, bre, me and caits

betsy, me, christine, erin

some people say it's a big bridal party, but, firstly, wait til you see pat's list of groomsmen, and secondly, how can you narrow down the list of women who have helped you get where you are today?  here's a little something about each of them. 

christy - dj christy chrust - what can you say?  we've known each other since 1st grade in calvin leete elementary school.  in 3rd grade we realized we had the same handwriting (that has since changed and mine's gone downhill) and from that point on, we've realized we were meant to be friends.  in high school we worked together at my family's hardware store, pages ( - yeah, i put the plug in, haha!), and we were inseparable.  we saw each other through boyfriends, breakups, cape cod vacations, myrtle beach trips, maine, florida, and so many other memories i can't even type at the moment. 

courts - literally my first friend on earth - we grew up right down the street from each other, when our parents would walk our strollers down the street to meet each other, our legs would start kicking in excitement, before we could even form the words to express our thoughts.  we got in trouble together and literally went through the ins and outs together.    

caits - camp hoffman!  pen pals, since i lived in CT and she in MA - courtney and i used to fight over our distant cousin from massachusetts :).  we had so much fun together, and everytime she'd come and visit or i'd go up there, there were plenty of memories to be made! 

bre - my lil' bind (don't ask, or kat will kick your ass! :)) - i always wanted to do her hair, since i didn't have a little sister (but had an awesome brother so it was OK).  bre and todd used to get in to trouble and courtney, caitlin and i were usually the culprits!  after courtney's wedding last year, bre was the MOH and we got to know each other even more! 

betsy - bu bu - the #19 most "disliked" person on my list in early high school, because she took my "man" from me - little did i know what a wonderful and loyal friend she would become.  when she started at page's, so did our friendship!  when the going gets tough, you call betsy, she is the rock of our group! 

eem - AKA erin mcgrady, or j bojono.  yet another page hardware pal, eem (erin elizabeth mcgrady) and i go back all the way to 4 years old or so - when i lived at 15 south fair st, i lived right next door to her grandparents, and when she came to visit, we would play.  apparently i was a "bossy" friend (hey - i was an only child until 6!) but luckily we continued to be friends, all the way through my move to state st, 1/2 mile down the street from eem.  she's always been a great friend!

i am so honored to have all of these wonderful women standing for me on my wedding day and i love them all as if they were the sisters i never had!


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