Monday, January 25, 2010

bridesmaid dress fashion show - page style

my cousin claudia and i had a great time on saturday looking for bridesmaid dresses.  nothing about my wedding has been traditional so far, and since all of my bridesmaids are on the east coast, i went with claudia in san francisco to try on some dresses out here to start and narrow down which ones we like!
here's some shots from our day (sorry Claud!)

why do i look so angry!  :)

i like the fabric on this one!

we liked this one a lot, but with some different blues instead of the colors on here

we liked this one too, obviously in different colors

this one was a bit low cut but we liked the look and shape of it

and this one was for the girls - they liked it online!

the search continues but we are getting closer and closer!  i think i still need to meet with my bridesmaids so they can all try them on too, and find one they feel most comfortable in.

until then... 


  1. I really like the low one with straps, the bown/white one. they are all pretty though! I am going to try my best for Feb 27!!!

  2. I'm so jealous you get to do things with claudia whenever you want!

    They look beautiful.

  3. Claudia looks good!!! but so do you...i will not name a favorite. Enjoy!

  4. I really like the the second and third pictures and am so glad Quiqua gets to be a part of the process. XOXO


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