Sunday, January 24, 2010

looking for blue mason jars!

keep your eyes out at those local tag sales!  i am starting a quest for blue mason jars - and i need to find about 30 of them!

Photo From: Hugh Forte via Once Wed
so if you're out and about and happen to come across any, please let me know!



  1. jacin- great site! it's creative and also looks very organized, for the jars try often you can find groups of decorations just like this? I have also seen them on etsy and ebay, but at $10-20 per jar, which adds up.

    good luck with the hunt! and I love your color palette!

  2. Love this picture!

  3. What size jars are you looking for?

  4. Please check out our shop if looking for blue jars.

    Half gallon ($10) and quart ($8) listed.


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