Friday, February 12, 2010

custom stamps

are a fun way to tie all of your creative elements together for invites and save-the-dates.  my cousin courtney is creating my save-the-dates and i don't want to give them away yet, but they are AMAZING.  she went through pictures of me and pat, and things that are special to us and incorporated them all in to the final product which i can't wait to see in person and get out in the mail!

the original save-the-date design courts' worked on had a tiny little pink heart which i became obsessed with, so courts was able to incorporate the heart in to another aspect of the updated piece, my address labels, below:

Image Copyright - Courtney L Talbot
i then took this obsession even farther and incorporated the little heart in to my custom stamps too.  if you have a photo or design you want to pull through in to your stamps, you can go to and create your own postage stamps!

it's kind of a fun project too :)

check out courtney's etsy shop for more of her work too!

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  1. Love the personalized stamps!! I can't wait for the save the date!


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