Monday, February 8, 2010

daaaamn gina

went to LA this weekend for my dear friend's shower.  it was fun, i flew in on saturday morning, rented a car and drove to her apartment in brentwood (famous for the OJ simpson murder scene, sad but true).  on the way, i needed an extra caffeine boost so i stopped by starbucks, feeling like such a cool LA chick in my new little rented jetta and my cute little outfit :).  i got inside starbucks, ordered my skinny cappuccino and moved towards the area where you pick up your drink.  i turned around for a minute before i moved, though, and behind me, saturday morning scruff and all, was bradley cooper - WOW. 
now don't get me wrong, ladies.  pat is my man and i think he's the most handsome man in the world and i only have eyes for him.  but running in to bradley cooper is NOT a bad thing.  pat can have his little celebrity crush on the criminal minds girl and i can meet bradley cooper and think he's attractive, right?  :)

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