Wednesday, February 10, 2010

tonight's training session will not be fun

my colleague came in from new jersey today and really wanted In-and-Out Burger.  i was trying to be a good hostess so how could i refuse this request?  so as any good samaritan would do, i drove him down the street to this wonderous burger joint. 


so i asked the kind woman at the counter if i could have tabasco sauce with the ketchup packets, and here is what she gave me:

needless to say, my trainer is not going to be happy with me tonight.  i can already feel the pain i'm expecting for tomorrow.

but it was SO worth it :)


  1. it's ok, everything in moderation...can you send me one!??

  2. LOVE in-and-out. It's my road trip guilty pleasure. Next time you order room service ask them to bring you those miniature tabasco bottles and keep one in your purse! seriously worth it.

  3. Not encountering an in-n-out burger was the worst part of my road trip.


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