Thursday, February 25, 2010

working together

my save the dates finally arrived!  and by finally i mean they actually came really quickly - but i was just so excited to see them in person that it seemed like a long time :)

my cousin courtney created them just for us - the images are all special and mean something to us, from the little hidden rhody ram to the four-leaf clover...  every detail was thought out - what color/type of envelope, matching with my colors from the inspiration board, and pulling the little heart that i liked so much in to the label.  it's funny, because as i sit here recalling all of this, most people will probably get the save the date and think, wow, that's nice! but not know half of what really went in to it - i guess that's why i'm a "details" person!

so once the package arrived, pat and i set a night aside last week to get to work stuffing the envelopes, sticking the labels, adding the printed return address labels on the back, and hand-writing out each address label (something we thought we were supposed to do but later learned that a printed label would have been just as fine, haha!)  but it was fun working together and nice that he wanted to help too (well, he said he wanted to anyways, that seemed to be the safe answer :))

here are some shots of the collaborative effort:


 hopefully the postman will be able to read my handwriting!

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