Tuesday, March 16, 2010


ok you know how sometimes your computer can finish your sentence for you when you search for something on google or enter your email on an online order form?  like your computer remembers what you want to put?  well, the sad thing is that when i was typing the name of this post, that happened to me too - because i am so ridiculously obsessed with colors, it's not even funny - check back in this blog, i've only written about it 4 TIMES!  i poll co-workers, family, friends, and people i don't even know at the dress shop as to what colors to do?  what sashes?  what about the actual dress colors?

it's pathetic!

but luckily today i finally figured it out and just made a damn decision.  how many other important things are there in the world and in my life, yet all i could think about today was different color options, how would they all look with each other, etc.  yikes!

anyways....here is the final color "palette" for the bridesmaid dresses.  i won't give anything else away as to who is wearing what, you can wait until september 25 for that!

let's not forget the flower girls in all this.  although it is an adult reception, we are excited to have pat's nieces, hannah, riley and lily (how cute are those names??) in our ceremony, donning the gear below:
and of course, the cutest ballet flats ever:

our next project is operation honeymoon, which we hope to plan this week.  the list is getting taken care of, one day at a time!!! 

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  1. I know how you feel about colors! And even when you think those are your colors...they end up coming in a shade a little bit darker or lighter! We ordered teal dresses for my girls and they came in a tiffany blue! But we ran with it and added yellow to the mix and now we're in love with it all...all over again! I cant wait to see more details of your colors! That dress and the shoes for the flower girls are so cute!


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