Friday, March 5, 2010

inspiration everywhere

i love flowers.  when pat and i go for walks, it takes an extra 30 minutes to get from one block to the other, because i am taking pictures of them, smelling them, and dawdling along instead of power walking.  that's just me.

check out these pretty flowers i saw outside at a market stand today, and at our local grocery store.  several of these will be pulled in to the flowers for our big day - which is just over 6 months away, i might add!!




i LOVE the seeded eucalyptus!! 

and to finish off my day, i see this as i walk in to the parking garage...

happy friday everyone!!


  1. Great sign at the end there...what chemical is that so I can stay far away!! It's funny that as brides we find inspiration in our every day lives without even trying to look! Every time I go to the mall I keep seeing things I want to buy, "OOOO that would be great with this or that. OOO I need that!" I love the blue flowers...they look like roses...are they?!

    My obsession right now is flower headbands!

    Ok Im tired and this might have been a crazy comment! ;)

  2. are those lisianthis really that blue?! Awesome!

  3. i wish! they were really more purple, but my blackberry phone made them look blue :(


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