Wednesday, March 17, 2010

our save the dates!

i know i've mentioned them but i wanted to show the final product.  my cousin courtney designed these for us and they are perfect.  very "us".  i'll walk you through them:

from the top left, going counter-clockwise:
  • i love beach roses
  • we live in san francisco, so she chose the Bay Bridge
  • since moving to san francisco, we've grown fond of wine and wine tasting
  • we both went to the university of rhode island, so she put the rhody ram (URI mascot)
  • i grew up in guilford, connecticut
  • pat's parents dog is next - carrie
  • we love the beach and summertime
  • i have the Page gene and find 4-leaf clovers wherever i go - it's my party trick
  • my family's dog - hobbes (one-eyed bobby)
  • me and pat (now we're in the top-right)
  • i love hydrangeas
  • hoboken is where we lived for 4 years, some of the best 4 years of my life :)
and here is the heart that court's designed that you will see everywhere on the wedding materials


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