Sunday, April 11, 2010

choosing the perfect favors

i'm on the lookout for some really unique wedding favors that people will remember to bring home and maybe even use :)

the other challenge is bridging the gap in personality between families and friends.  growing up a connecticut yankee has instilled the love for everything new england:  tag sales (others call them garage/yard sales), canning (aka making jams and pickles from scratch), gardening, clamming (digging in the dirt at sunrise with a rake and bucket to find clams), and salt.  ok, salt is a family thing but still something that others might not find as sentimental...

so with all of this being said, here are some ideas i've been throwing around for favors...most of which have been met with a quizzical look from pat as if to say, are you NUTS?  he's afraid the new jerseyans might not share the same love as connecticut yankees for the homemade treats, but i think we can do something that meets in between!

image courtesy of martha stewart weddings

these cute seed "matchbooks" are more than meets the eye - they contain forget-me-knot seeds (an appropriate seed to plant even in the fall, by the way!) which guests can bring home and plant in their garden or yard, allowing the wedding to be remembered long after the big day.

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anyone who knows me knows my love for canning.  it is in your blood if your last name is Page, thanks to our beloved grandmother, mimi.  i thought it could be fun to do 1/2 pints of pickles and jams, rotating every other place setting with something different so couples could go home with one of each.  again - pat looked at me like "are you for real?" - and my cousin brian met the idea with the same look, but it was more "do you really want to can 175 jars??"  he brought up a good point...

image courtesy of martha stewart weddings

and now for the crowning glory.  how amazing are these??  like i said - salt is a family thing.  we are known for having someone in charge of salt shakers at family events, and you will rarely come to a gathering where there is only one set of shakers, i shudder even at the thought!  the martha came up with an ingenious idea for rosemary sea salt favors, perfect for a seaside wedding.  rosemary is the herb of love and remembrance and would bring the sentimental feel in to a jar of otherwise standard sea salt.  but don't think i wouldn't be just as happy with a jar of standard sea salt instead - who doesn't need a nice jar of sea salt for the kitchen?


  1. i'm loving the salt and jam idea - wedding favors you can eat are the best!

    i didn't know you were a canner and clam digger. there are some secret spots in the bay area to dig razor clams and geoducks... manillas are a bit hard to come by. Do you guys have those big clams back east?

  2. thanks jenny! yes i love clamming, will you be in the bay anytime soon? we could go together!

  3. Hey Jacin!

    Its funny that your fiance keeps looking at you like your crazy with these ideas! Tell him its a family and bride thing! Sometimes my fiance would look at me with the same crazy look! I love the matchbook idea with the flower seeds! And I love that each one of them has a meaning for you...maybe you can do one thing that has a mean for you and one thing that has a meaning for him.

    We did two things and I really wanted to do a third but I think im good with the two!

    My fiance LOVES The Pittsburgh Steelers so we got personalized M&Ms with Steelers symbols on can go on the and get any team! And we're doing $1.00 scratch off lotto tickets. The funniest thing, we got the lotto tickets today and all they had were ones with farm animals on them for the PA farm show!! I said WHATEVER!! A lotto ticket is a lotto ticket! LOL!

    We were going to do heart shaped soft pretzels which would have been great because of Philadelphia, and both are families were in the pretzel bizz, but our wedding is in 10 days! So were done!

  4. LOVE the salt jars!! and we should definetly go clamming sometime you're back East this summer!!

  5. I totally understand your struggle to find a perfect favor idea! I'm having the same issue...I want to do something fun and unique, but also affordable and easy!

    Thanks for checking out my blog :o)


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