Sunday, April 25, 2010

the dreams have begun...

i've heard about this before.  as you get closer and closer to the wedding date, you start having these ridiculous dreams, some even close to nightmares, about what could go wrong and what might go wrong and on and on...

so last night i had my first.

i was going in for my first fitting since purchasing my dress.  let me back up by saying i bought my dress with several alterations to be made, and those are being done now so when i do go to my first fitting, it will be my first time seeing the dress as it is supposed to be, so there is still a bit of mystery as to how it will finally look.  i feel more than comfortable with my dressmaker, but the mystery seems to be causing a bit of anxiety!  so...  i went to my first fitting with the entourage of my mom and best friend and cousins, and i go in the fitting room and try it on and something wasn't right.  actually, a LOT of things weren't right!  first of all, it was about a million colors with crystals hanging off of it all over the place, it looked a little like joseph's technicolor dreamcoat:
image from 
so i was not only frantically trying to tell the dressmaker (not mine, she was some other random lady at another random store) that there had to be some kind of mistake, but i was also trying to convince my entourage that this was not my dress, i would never pick something like this, etc.

luckily i woke up and realized it was a dream, but now today i can't wait to go back to hoboken to see the progress of my real dress!

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