Tuesday, May 25, 2010

4 months to go!!

i didn't even realize that 4 months from today is our wedding until i got one of those friendly reminder pop-ups in my email from the knot.

according to the knot, some of the remaining to-dos include:
  • Think about how you might want to wear your hair. Browse wedding hairstyle photos, and start researching hairstylists and makeup artists in your area.
    •  i do have a few thoughts on this - i'm thinking i'd like a versatile "do" that allows to be up for part of the day and half up/half down for the rest of the day.  still figuring this part out but i do have a hair trial in july so stay tuned on that!
  • Start working on your invitation wording and design.
    • remember i said i kept putting things off?  this is one of those tasks :) 
  • Finalize the reception menu and service details with the caterer.
    • ok, starting to get slightly stressed - really - they recommend this at 4 months out??
  • Finalize your invitation wording.
    • didn't they just tell me to get started on this?  now they want it finished??
  • Order your wedding invitations and wedding announcements (don't forget plenty of extra envelopes).
    • ok - the knot - you're killing me here... you just asked me to start the invites, then finalize them, now you want me to order them too?  ahhh!
  • Hash out your wedding flower proposal. Decide on your floral style, choose the right wedding flowers, and negotiate prices with florist. Once you're certain the contract outlines everything you agreed upon, sign it.
    • working on that as we speak!   
  • Grooms: Decide what type of formalwear (tux, suit, casual button-down and slacks) you'll wear and look through formalwear photos to get an idea of what you want.
    • pat has pretty much decided and we just have to go check out a tie he likes today, once that's decided on, he'll move forward
  • Choose and reserve all tables, chairs, and any other wedding rentals you'll need for the reception (unless the caterer or site is taking care of it).
    • i would like chiavari chairs or chaircovers for the dining room but we're still working on this part.
  • Grooms: Start planning your groomsmen's attire. Tuxes or suits?
  • Grooms: Start looking to buy or rent your tux, suit, or other formal attire.
    • is the knot trying to make me go insane?  is it just me or are these checklist items completely redundant??  
  •  Book a hotel room for your wedding night.
    • gotta check in on this!
  • Grooms: Decide on your groomsmen's formalwear. Let the guys know and ask them to get fitted for their tuxes (if need be).
    • grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  • Grooms: Give all of the groomsmen the info they need to buy and/or reserve their attire.
  • Brides: Choose your bridesmaids' accessories (shoes, jewelry) and either buy or pass along purchasing information.
i guess it's time i start paying attention to the to-do lists!


  1. OMG I don't listen to that wack-job site anymore. Seriously I marked all emails from theknot and WedChan into my Spam box. If I want to read them fine - otherwise, forget it. It's insane!

    And if it makes you feel any better, our venue won't even let us book a tasting until August.

  2. ok good! seriously i'm like are they for real???

  3. This was funny to read. I'm with you, they could really get redundant and confusing. I have so many of these countdowns that I don't even pay attention anymore.

  4. I agree with the other ladies...don't listen to that list! Some things on there are just too much! But the last 4 months become very, very busy. Invitations, setting up menu, going over everything last detail, buying things you forgot about! I would say if you are making your invitations at home I would try to start them soon...it's a lot of work! But if you are ordering them you may have another month to wait.

    PS LOL at the one to tell your bridesmaids and groomsmen their duties...I think only bridezillas follow that one! LOL!

    Good luck...need any help or have any bridal questions just ask! :)

  5. that knot check list is waayyy to overwhelming for me... my favorite thing to do is to delete the things they think I "should" be doing and update- feels MUCH better that way haha

  6. Thanks for following my blog! Wow looking at that list makes me feel a little overwhelmed! It makes me realize how much I have to get done between now and next year. I look forward to following your blog : )

  7. oh lordy lordy! that is quite a list 4 months out... how are you supposed to get anything else done???? haha--good luck sweetie!

  8. OMG! Reading this totally reminded me that I need a hotel room. My wedding is 10 days away-yikes!


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