Monday, May 24, 2010

cross country bride

don't get me wrong. san francisco is awesome!

  personal photo: of course our heads are strategically blocking the golden gate bridge!

but as we're planning everything from across the country via email and phone it just seems so much farther away than 2,800 miles (that's a lot!)  i am feeling like the wedding will come and go and maybe i haven't been experiencing everything i should be during the planning process because it's not quite the standard situation - we're getting married in CT but live in CA.  i am excited (and nervous) to go home for my first fitting in less than a month - excited because i get to show my mom for the first time what the dress looks like in person rather than via picture text (reiterate - not the standard situation), and nervous because the dressmaker is altering the dress to something we agreed upon and i am hoping it looks like we both agreed!  

there are still many things on our to-do list but we're checking them off week by week, or putting them off :).  mostly i can't help but think about wedding weekend and what a whirlwind it will be - we are flying in on the redeye flight from san francisco on wednesday night, arriving early thursday morning, driving to CT to pull all the final pieces together, BBQ with the families thursday night, friday rehearsal and rehearsal dinner and probably getting the venue ready, saturday WEDDING!, sunday brunch with our family, sunday night back to SF, monday morning - hawaii!!  but it just seems like too much in too little time!  does anyone else feel crammed with the weekend?  i just want to be able to spend enough time with everyone and not feel rushed to hop back on a plane again...


  1. It'll be great, you'll see and no one will fault you for not spending enough time with them. It is your wedding after all.

  2. Whoah - that is a tight schedule but you'll probably be floating all weekend anyway and you won't even notice as it flies by.

  3. thanks girls! i'm an east coast girl at heart so you can tell where my heart still resides. i'm getting slightly stressed and being farther away just adds to it!


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