Monday, May 17, 2010

flower update

my florist (jennifer hodgins at branford flower shop) is amazing - i love her already and the big day hasn't even come yet.  she is so flexible in providing me with several options within each price point and she really gets the feel of the theme we're trying to portray.  she even drove over to the church to count the pews and suggest how we can best decorate.

now i am in the process of picking out flowers for the decorations and bouquets and i'm trying to pull it all together.  my latest obsession are football mums - they are so soft and fluffy and i think, beautiful.  i am hoping and wishing for ranunculus but because of the season, probably won't be able to use those pretty ones.

here are some flowers we're hoping to feature:
white football mum (photo source)

 pale pink ranunculus (photo source)

pink/white dahlia (photo source)

 white/pink phlox (photo source)

 white snowberries (photo source)

 silver brunia (photo source)

 seeded eucalyptus (photo source)

pink lisianthus (photo source)

 white/pale blue hydrangeas (photo source)

and with our blue canning jars, i think the "new england shoreline wedding" theme will be complete!

photo source


  1. Wow! The flowers are going to be amazing!!

  2. I love the pink dahlias although pink isn't usually a color I like.

  3. thanks! yes i like the pop and they seem kind of "wildflower"-ish which i think is different. we might use them in the boutonnieres!

  4. wow i love the white football mums :-) really love the overall look you're going for!


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