Thursday, May 27, 2010

mrs. tuxedo?

i had another post lined up for today but i had to share this first because it's too funny not to.

for the past 2 weeks i have been getting spam phone calls from an "888" number - i have no idea who it is, so i keep pressing ignore - i thought maybe it was the cable company or something.  anyways, today i finally decide to answer the phone and the conversation went something like this:

woman on phone: "hi, may i speak with jacin?"
me (slightly annoyed because i'm expecting a telemarketer): "may i ask who's calling?"
woman: "this is X from men's wearhouse"
me: "um, ok, yes, this is jacin?"
woman: "i am calling with good news that we would like to schedule your tuxedo fitting!"
me: "um, i'm the bride...."
woman: "oh, um, sorry, i think the paperwork got messed up and you were listed as the groom"
me: "story of my life!"

and i proceeded to give her pat's number.  this is the 2nd time i've been listed on contracts as the groom!  doesn't help that we are jacin and patrick goes by "pat" - haha!

source (and look, she has a football mum boutonniere)

HAPPY THURSDAY!  (because tomorrow is FRIDAY!!)


  1. I think the woman in the photo you posted looks great in a tux! You should show up for the fitting and see their reaction then! Enjoy your holiday weekend! They will all remember you're the bride when you walk down looking beautiful in your gown. ♥

  2. I remember the first boy I met named Jason, I was like "Haha. You have a girls name!"


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