Saturday, May 22, 2010

makeup trial

although it was nearly 5 months ago, i realized i never put it on the blog so i wanted to share.  i am working with jennie fresa for our wedding and she is amazing.  she's a wonderful person, optimistic and always has the glass is half full attitude - i can't wait to work with her on the wedding day!  she also did my cousin courtney's wedding as well:

here are some pics from my makeup trial back in december.  i'd also like to add that these photos have been a motivation factor in my path to getting in shape and shedding 10 lbs :)

lastly, i'm hoping a tan will also be in effect on wedding day to help with some much-needed bronzing action :)


  1. wow, your makeup looks awesome! i love jennie fresa!!

  2. You are so beautiful and will be a beautiful bride! :)

  3. wow, you are gorgeous. jenny fresa is no.1


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