Friday, May 21, 2010

our photographer!

i know i mentioned my photographer a few months ago when we booked him, but now that "wedding season" has arrived, graham scobey has been busy and i'm having so much fun checking out his latest work on his blog!

graham was so kind as to give me approval to showcase a few of his latest gems so i am so excited to show them below - he is AMAZING (and was recently showcased in southern weddings!!)  i love the unobtrusiveness of his style, he seems to be capturing each moment without planning it.  i am praying for no rain on september 25 so we can get some cool shots of the bridal party in front of my family's hardware store after the ceremony and i know graham will do an awesome job!

here are some of graham's latest (thank you graham!!).  all images are subject to copyright and were taken by scobey photography.

i LOVE this shot of the groom getting ready.


 i love this one too!

counting down to september 25!


  1. those pictures are so pretty! i know yours will be awesome :-)

  2. Wow! He is amazing and you're very lucky to have him for your special day! I'm doing the same thing with my photographer since he keeps updated his blog a lot lately. Every time I get even more excited!

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the hanging dress and veil beautiful and sweet! Cant wait to see your photos from your wedding day! Congrats on landing a great photographer! :)


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