Monday, May 10, 2010

picking tunes

anyone who knows me knows that i love music - all kinds.  it's actually embarrassing to listen to my iPod in public on shuffle, because you really never know what will come up - i have everything from bruce springsteen to wu tang to frank sinatra and all others in between.

so the task of finding music for our bridal party and parents to walk out to has been no small feat.  we're in between choosing a different song for each couple, or a few fun songs that some people will share - i don't want it to turn in to a 20 minute ordeal to get everyone on the dance floor and have it be too much, but i also want it to be fun!  i won't give any of the surprises away but i can tell you that it will be unlike many of the other entrances done before :)


  1. ooooh that sounds very exciting. I just found your blog and I think it's so cool. I'm your newest follower. Please feel free to visit my blog and follow if you like.

  2. thanks!! i will check yours out now! i was traveling for work last week so unavailable to respond.


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