Thursday, May 20, 2010

something blue - take 2

i've been on operation blue shoes for the past few months, and after obtaining the magical blue louboutins, i am now rethinking this idea.  they looked gorgeous in photos but in person, looked like something a vegas showgirl should be wearing, or worse yet - clown shoes.

so back to square 1 with the shoes, but i've been thinking of other ways to incorporate the "something blue" and thought maybe earrings could be a pretty way to showcase the "blue".  

these are natural freshwater pearls!


  1. Wow I love all of these! My favs are number 1, the pearls, and the last earrings. All are very different in style. I would say buy two different styles and see which goes with your gown. I found my earrings at Kohls! They were like number but with with pearls at the bottom. Cant wait to see what you pick! Good luck. sorry the shoes didnt work out for you.

  2. thanks!! i like #1 too but they might be too long. i will keep everyone posted :)


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