Friday, May 7, 2010

summer is here

...which means for the next 4 months i will miss the east coast more than ever.  don't get me wrong, california is great - but it's not home.  i went to NJ this week for a meeting and going back to hoboken when the leaves are all fresh and green, everyone's out and about, and beautiful clear sunny days are back really made me miss it back there.  not to mention friends and family as well!

pat and i have made a bunch of great friends out here and we have a good-sized entourage whenever we plan BBQs, beach days, trips to napa, etc.  my cousin claudia and her family are out here too, which is PRICELESS!!!  but i still miss the option of taking a 2-hour drive up to guilford to spend a weekend at home with my family and friends or walking down the street to go to dinner with the girls in hoboken whenever i want to, rather than whenever i can based on when my next business trip takes me back east.

end of rant.

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