Wednesday, June 30, 2010

25 random things :)

i was actually thinking about doing this the other day but one of my favorite blogger girls, dancy, beat me to it!  so here's a fun list of random facts that you may or may not know about me:

1. bruce springsteen makes me happy.  "cause down the shore, everything's alright". 
personal photo

2. i hated high school but i loooooved university of rhode island.  at the time we were the #3 party school in america.  but i enjoyed my studies the most :)
personal photo - senior week 2003, i got pulled on stage to rap "nothin' but a g thang" with a live band.  amazing.

3. i despise wal-mart. i grew up working at my family's hardware store (page hardware!) with all of my best friends, so of course i'm biased but i think you should support your local family-owned businesses.

4. i played lacrosse all through high school and college - i miss it now but am glad they didnt start making you wear goggles until after i stopped playing!

5. when i was a little kid, i used to tell my parents "when i grow up, i'm moving to NEW JERSEY!" i didn't even know what new jersey was.  now i LOVE new jersey.

6. on that same note, my favorite breakfast is taylor ham, egg and cheese on an everything JERSEY bagel from bagel buffet in secaucus.

7. my family is HUGE. i love it.
personal photo circa 1982 - can you spot the ONLY kid with blonde hair in the photo?  yep, that's me - bowl cut and all.

8. fourth of july is my favorite holiday because it means i get to see all of my family.  in fact, i'm headed back east on friday to celebrate for the weekend!

9. i love planning things. from bar crawls to parties to anything that includes an evite and RSVP.  oh, and weddings :)

10. i lived in australia for just under a year, after college. i always said i wanted to do it, so one day i booked my one-way ticket, gave my notice at work, and moved there. i got a work visa and worked in sydney, and lived in a beach suburb right outside the city. when my work visa expired, i traveled to new zealand, and renewed my visa so i could go back to australia. then i traveled the whole east coast of oz, and loved every minute. i went by myself and had no choice but to meet friends everywhere i went. i miss those friends.
personal photo - me in front of my "backyard"

11. oh, and i went to fiji for 2 weeks on my way home. it was pretty, but WAY too many mosquitos for me.
personal photo - me and my fijian "family"

12. my younger brother rules. i still treat him like he's 12 and he lets me get away with it... most of the time (sorry todd :))

13. everytime i introduce myself to someone new, i have to repeat my name and then spell it. i've never introduced myself without the person saying "jacin?"  i guess for some reason it sound less like a guy's name if i spell it out for them.

14. i love to take pictures of flowers.  our walks usually take twice as long because i'm constantly taking pictures.
personal photo

15. i spend all my money on nice jeans and buy the rest of my clothes at target.  but i could also spend my life savings at CVS.

16. there's no shame in my game to admit i subscribe to cooking light and real simple magazines!

17. i'm embarrassed to listen to my iPod on shuffle in public. it's way too random - newsies, SWV, frank sinatra, wu-tang, RENT, bruuuuuce...

18. i never imagined i would be marrying pat when i met him almost 11 years ago - he was always my secret crush in college.  i can't believe how blessed i am to have him in my life!
personal photo

19. like dancy, when i get angry/frustrated, i cry.  not like "sadness" cry, like "frustration" cry.  it is SO annoying and SO hard to prevent!

20. i love wine country :)
personal photo - august '09 visit from the NJ crew :)

21. i love love love the beach and summertime.

22. i am training to run the 2010 NY marathon in november.

23. my favorite tv shows are: real housewives of NJ, NY and orange county, top chef and anything on food network (except rachael ray - sorry!), LOST and Sopranos (and i wish LOST and Sopranos were still on)

24. i can find 4-leaf clovers on command - it's my party trick.  in fact, when training for the marathon with my cousin, i actually spotted one while running by, then backtracked to pick it up.
personal photo

25. i try to live each day to it's fullest. you only live once so do it up! "celebrate we will, 'cause life is short but sweet for certain"
personal photo


  1. I started taking pictures of flowers on walks when I first started talking to Adam online, before we met in person. Anything to help create common experiences.

    Also, my dad could find 4 leaf clovers on command too! How do you DO that?!

  2. You graduated from URI in '03? I would not be surprised if we knew people in common. Half of my high school friends went to URI and graduated in '03. Not that I really keep in touch with any of them other than Facebook...I didn't really like high school either!

  3. - that Jersey'd out Bruce picture just made my day!

    - I have a bunch of URI buds too but they're 3yrs ahead of you.

    - I have only been to Wal-Mart once in my whole life.

    - JERSEY EFFING RULES!!! 'cept the whole tax thing - they can keep that.

    - those pink flowers are GORGEOUS!

  4. OK my list is boring compared to yours!! I guess I left out some fun facts like visiting LA and going to Universal Studios Hollywood!! But that still doesnt compare to you going to Aussie and Figi by yourself! How amazing is that picture of your beach "backyard"!! Your an awesome person! Love the pictures! I think I need to add pics to mine!

  5. Those are some awesome pics, I might have to do this 25 things post.

  6. I love planning too! And I hate walmart.

  7. Love your 25! Especially the references to RENT and DMB. I have no shame in subscribing to Real Simple. And growing up in NY I never knew anything about Jersey except that it was a state where I had relatives... then I went to college in the city and -bam!- everyone's talking about "the dirty jerz." I miss NY/NJ bagels though - Noah's isn't doing it for me out here.

  8. noah's "NY" bagels is like a slap to the face for any real east coast person!! haha :)

  9. Jacin...such a cute blog! I love it and might have to steal it!!! Definitely jealous of the year in Australia!!!


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