Friday, June 18, 2010

ahh, his bachelor party has finally arrived...

i'm a guys girl - i get it, i'm not upset about the bachelor party because frankly, i've lived through 5 other bachelor parties so even though this one is his, it still doesn't really bother me.  of course the fact that i have about 5,000,000 other things going on this weekend to distract me (yankees game last night [i miss the old stadium, just sayin'], jersey shore with some of my bridesmaids followed by a night on the town in hoboken tonight, pat's mother and sister-in-law are throwing me a bridal shower on saturday!!!, my first viewing/fitting of my dress and unveiling it to my mom [still no shoes!], and lastly i get to go to my hometown in connecticut to celebrate fathers day with my dad!).  so needless to say, luckily, pat's whereabouts with the guys will not be top on my list.

in fact, i can go as far as to say that i am so excited for pat!  he gets to see his best friends, 4 brothers, and dad for the first time since thanksgiving!!  the guys are all in myrtle beach for a 4-day weekend of testosterone, golf and i'm sure, relaxation :)

so, let's just hope the following does not happen this weekend to kick it off:

The Hangover "Wolf Pack Speech"


  1. I'm not worried about my FI's bachelor party either. But it helps that his best man is planning a camping trip instead of a Vegas trip! Since we only live 3 hours from Vegas, everyone and their brother does a Vegas bachelor party and I think he is just over it.

    Thanks for finding my blog. We follow/are followed by a lot of the same people - I'm surprised we didn't find each other earlier! Oh, and btw, I L-O-V-E your inspiration board!!!

  2. What a packed weekend you have! I love the jersey shore, esp OC!! Thats so nice that you get to see your dad for Father's Day and have a bridal shower and time with your bridesmaids! you def wont be thinking of what the guys are up to! That movie was funny...but a little crazy and weird! LOL! Have a great bridal weekend! Cant wait to see your dress...maybe you will find shoes this weekend!

  3. So great that you can get all that done over the weekend & see your Dad for father's day. Can't wait to see all the recaps from the weekend. ;)

  4. Wow, really exciting weekend for you both! I hope your dress fitting goes well :)


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