Tuesday, June 29, 2010

fun bachelorette party game

anyone have any bachelorette parties coming up?  personally, i'd rather have the mandatory veil or sash than wear the you-know-whats all over the place!!!  no thanks!  but i know i must surrender myself to the girls and i will probably have no choice when the time comes in august :)

ANYWAYS!  i have created this "game" a few times before and it is always really fun for the bride-to-be.

here's what you do (behind the bride's back - don't let her know you are working on this!  for me, i usually just tell the other girls "i'm working on a game" but don't give them details so there's no chance of spoiling the surprise):

1.  get the groom's email address - if you don't have it, give him a call or ask one of the guys.  no one needs to know why you need it and at this point, there are plenty of secret surprises going on so no one will even ask why you need it! 

2.  once you have his address, send him an email with the following questions (change them up as applicable!  some can be racier than others, i just kept it pretty PC and cute), and make sure to ask him to respond by a certain date - you might want to give him a call too, in case he doesn't check his email regularly. 
  • what did you do on your first date?
  • where did you have your first kiss?
  • describe what BRIDE first thought when she saw you
  • what is BRIDE’s favorite food?
  • what is your favorite food?
  • if you and BRIDE were stranded on an island together, who would have a better chance of survival, and why?
  • who does the laundry/cleaning and cooking?
  • what is BRIDE’s favorite sport?
  • what is your weirdest habit?
  • what is BRIDE’s weirdest habit?
  • what is your favorite dish that BRIDE makes?
  • if BRIDE could throw away anything of yours, what would it be?
  • what would you toss of hers?
  • what are your pet nick-names for each other?
  • what is your favorite drink? BRIDE’s favorite?
  • what is your favorite part about BRIDE?
  • what is BRIDE’s favorite song?
  • what is your favorite song?
  • if BRIDE could have any music group play at your wedding, who would it be?
  • if you had to date a celebrity before BRIDE, who would it be?  what about BRIDE?
  • when did you realize BRIDE was the woman you were going to marry?
  • when did BRIDE know you were the one for her?
  • who is more likely to get hammered on your wedding night?
  • what is BRIDE’s best quality?
  • what is yours?
  • what message would you like to give BRIDE about her bachelorette party? 
(it might seem like a lot of questions at first, but the more the better because it seems to go by quickly!)

3.  once he responds with answers, compile the list and if you have it, use PowerPoint to make a flashy handout.  you can also use a word document and insert images to make it look pretty.  i used the bride's colors for mine and printed handouts for everyone.  you can use google to find images for all of the answers and facebook for personal photos of the bride and groom.  this makes it really personalized for them!

personal photo

personal photo

personal photo

4.  when you get to the party, reserve some time to play the game (during pre-gaming is fun, last time we even played at the end of dinner while we were drinking - i don't recommend playing a drinking game with a martini/glass of wine though, so keep this in mind!).  i gave a copy of the printout to all the girls in attendance except the bride, and you'll see directions on the first page (above):

We asked GROOM the questions,
Now BRIDE must think.
For every incorrect answer,
The Bachelorette must drink!

go through all the questions and for every correct answer, all the girls have to drink.  for every incorrect answer, the bachelorette must drink!  when it's all over, i give the bachelorette her copy so she can see all the photos - it is really fun :)


  1. We played a game like this at my maid of honor's bridal shower! Except, if she got an answer wrong, she had to put a stick of gum in her mouth instead of drinking. She ended up with a decent amount of gum in her mouth but she also gome some answers right :o) I can see how much more fun this game would be with alcohol involved!

  2. Hah! We played that this weekend at the bachelorette party I went to. If she got it right, she sipped but similar to Ghenet's gum, if she got it wrong she had to put a grape in her mouth but not eat it. She looked like a chipmunk before it was over!

    It's a great way to pass the time while waiting for dinner or in the limo or something.

  3. I have seen this done with bubble gum... too funny!

  4. Great idea! The answer sheet looks great too :)

  5. Cute idea! I'll have to pass this along to my MOH

  6. This is FABulous! Will certainly be using it for one of my friend's upcoming bachelorette! Thanks for the great idea.

    p.s. live in Guilford and absolutely LOVE Page Hardware - feel like I could scour those shelves for hours!

  7. this is GENIUS! i absolutely love it and i love your blog! you have yourself a new follower lady.



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