Sunday, June 6, 2010

getting used to a new name

i've had the same name for 29 years.  as a little girl my favorite color was blue, i had a bowl haircut, and my name was jacin (but i still loved to play barbies with the best of them and play dressups!)... needless to say, it was nearly impossible to be a shy person and i think my name is so much a part of who i've grown up to be. 

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on thursday my colleagues were asking who wanted to order our company softball jerseys and i asked them to count me in - we had to pick size, number and a name for the back.  since my favorite number #10 was already chosen, i went with #55 for my man hideki matsui (he will always be a yankee to me!) and went to put "Page" for the last name on the back... then my colleague reminded me that "Page" will no longer be my last name by then... ahh!  this is crazy!  i realized i needed to use my new last name for the jerseys, and although "Fitzgerald" was too long for the back, "Fitz" has a fun ring to it... 


there are many women on my side of the family who have chosen not to change their last names.  i contemplated this idea for about 30 seconds and decided to take Pat's last name - but it will still take some getting used to: learning a new signature, changing all of my credit cards/IDs, and hearing "jacin fitzgerald" instead of what i've heard all my life, "jacin page".  but in the long run i don't want to put my kids through a hyphen, and have people confused about who's last name is what, and i will be proud to be a Fitzgerald.  and besides, Page can still keep a place in my name as a second middle name :)

what is everyone else doing?  changing it or not?


  1. Changing it. I'll be proud to take Adam's name :) I will miss my old name because my first and last name together have a really musical ring to it. My new name will sound fine, just really common. But a little anonymity might be nice.

  2. 19 years ago I proudly took the Fitzgerald name and made my maiden name my middle name. Soooo glad you are joining the family, can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks, future fellow Mrs Fitzgerald. ;o)
    Big hug,
    Georgina Hamilton Fitzgerald

  3. I can't WAIT to get his name. My last name is my fathers name and I love him dearly but it's an odd Italian last name that people always pronounce wrong. My new last name is pretty common & you can't screw it up.

    My only problem is figuring out my signature. It's gonna be rough.

  4. I will be changing my last name. I am very excited to take my fiance's last name! The only bad part is that it is Italian and will probably get misspelled all the time haha.


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