Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i said yes to the dress... but now what does it look like?

T-3 days until my first dress fitting!  i haven't seen the dress since january when i tried it on for the first time and "said yes to the dress" (not at kleinfeld though, but we all remember what happened with that!)

so it's been 5 months since i saw the dress, and since then my dressmaker has been altering away based on our conversations about how we wanted the dress to be.  there's lots of changes going on that we decided to make, and along with the fact that i haven't seen it in so long, now it's going to be a different dress too and i'm slightly freaking out!  but as i mentioned in the past, my mom wasn't with me when i picked out the dress so the best i could do was send her a text photo - that didn't really cut it for me so i'm really most excited to debut the dress to my mom and maid of honor so they can see it for the first time... but it will really be my first time seeing it as a final product too!  YIKES!!

i've been working out like crazy, ran a half marathon, and my trainer put me on a horrendous diet for this week (ok it's really not that bad but do you know how badly i've been craving a REAL new jersey bagel (everything!) with taylor ham, egg, and cheese?)  i will just have to wait until AFTER the fitting :)

personal photo of course, who else takes pictures of their breakfast?

for dancy! (source)


  1. Yay! Welcome back to the eastcoast(soon)! I couldn't live in a place without great bagels & pizza - you get credit.

    And can I ask - WHAT is Taylor Ham? I've heard it before - is it like Scrapple?

  2. oh. my. God. you didn't just ask what taylor ham is, did you??? i will have to make an update on here :)

  3. Good luck with your dress fitting! I am sure it will all be perfect!! I just set up my first appointment for July.. must buy bridal shoes soon!

  4. BWHAHA!! You're so funny. I know, I know, I'm a terrible person, you'd never know I spent 1/2 my life at the jersey shore (my parents never shut down the house for the winter) - I just never understood the difference between taylor ham & scrapple. LOL

  5. wow, that loooks soooooo delicious!

  6. Good luck on your first dress fitting since making all the changes. Its going to be so wonderful for you to show it to your mom and MOH! I remember that feeling! YAY! Yummo on the bagel!

  7. Good luck with your fitting! I can't wait to go dress shopping :)


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