Friday, June 11, 2010

insanity... on the road workouts

as i've mentioned several times, i travel a LOT for work.  this past week i was in orlando (can you get any farther from san francisco!) for a meeting and as we all know by now, i've been working so hard to eat right and work out, so i was determined to keep the momentum going rather than falling behind on eating right and getting some exercise.

not sure how many of you travel for work, but based on my experience, i feel like it is nearly impossible to eat healthy when you're traveling.  you're at the airport and you can choose between a banana or a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on an everything bagel - at 6am when you're starving what would you rather choose?  then when we go to nice dinners with clients would you rather have a salad with dressing on the side, or experience the local chef's specialty??  well let's just say i usually go with option b for both scenarios!

so this week as i was entering my 2-weeks-until-my-first-dress-fitting mark, i was determined not to let orlando get the best of me and set me back on my fitness goals!  enter....insanity!  

yes... i ordered insanity after a very promising infomercial a few weeks ago.  for those of you unsure of what insanity is, no, its not my current state of mind :).  insanity is a workout DVD set that promises results after 60 days of constant workouts - as the site says, "you perform long bursts of maximum-intensity exercises with short periods of rest. Each workout keeps you constantly challenged as you alternate between aerobic and anaerobic intervals performed at your MAX. The result: burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour and get the most insane body in 60 days."

so if i'm on the road and need to get in a good workout i've discovered that these DVDs are just what i need, because i can pop them in my laptop and get in a good workout in the hotel room instead of finding the gym or running outside in a foreign area.  the result?

personal photo

i decided to spare everyone the post-workout photo op, but hey you do what you can!

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