Thursday, June 10, 2010

no priest, no problem... wait - what???

during a casual conversation with my dad today he throws in "oh, by the way, did you know your priest is being transferred?"  OK i will digress by saying um, why do priests get transferred??

(it's a record, scratching - just go with it...)

so i compose myself and say, "sorry, i thought you said 'our priest is leaving'" - and he repeated the same gloomy news...

so to give you some background - we live in CA, we're getting married in CT, and our priest has been awesome so far.  he's letting us do the "engaged weekend" thing (pre-cana in a day) out here in california instead of back east, and has squeezed several meetings in to just a few to help accommodate our travel schedules.  he knows what our overall theme is, he knows the few special things we have planned and most importantly, he knows US!  so needless to say i was a little upset to find this out from my dad, who hasn't been to church since he was 15, and not our priest.  supposedly we can call him tomorrow and request to have him marry us, but i'm not sure if because he will "belong" to another church at that point, will that mean we have to pay for him?  otherwise, it's back to square 1 for us and we'll just see if we can get to know the new guy!



  1. Im so sorry to hear this and I hope that he can still marry you guys. I would think that maybe he hasnt said anything that he still plans to marry you guys. I hope he does or that you guys find someone who matches the feeling that your going for. Good luck. We actually had a similar case. Our officiant..non denom...had a website and the group has several ppl you could pick from and learn a little about them from their bio.

    We really liked this one officiant and his story and emailed the group and told them who we liked. Well some how the wrong officiant emailed us...and I didnt know what to do. He was nice but he wasnt the one we asked for. So I emailed the manager of the group and the right guy emailed us. Its your wedding day and you have to speak up to make sure it goes the way you want it to. So I would contact him if you havent already to see whats going on. ♥

  2. Yeah, I have NO idea why they keep moving priests around. Sometimes it's good cuz I can't stand some of the guys we've had in the past and sometimes it's sad.

    Call the guy ASAP! Talk to him, see what he says. He might have every intention of seeing you through the marriage process. You can TOTALLY request him to do it, and if not - request another priest you know from your hometown. I can't stand our current monsignor & I'm trying to get a priest I know who used to be at our church to come back & marry us. I WILL pay him - just for peace of mind.

  3. Ok, this is your dad here. For the record I have been in a church since I was 15.
    Ray, says that you may request the services of your priest and we do not know when he is being transferred so he may still be in Guilford.


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