Wednesday, June 23, 2010

paper lanterns

we want to use paper lanterns to spice up the ballroom at the yacht club but i'm having a dilemma as to which colors and which styles to get.  there are several versions out there with and without built in batteries, different sizes and shapes, etc.  our colors are slate blue, khaki and hot pink, so i was thinking khaki and blue could be pretty or i could just do all one color.  ahhh!!!  what to do!

source (c) Steve Depino - Steve is AMAZING and as we all know, i was originally planning my wedding date around his availability!  this photo is actually taken in the exact ballroom at our wedding venue :)

there's also another option which my cousin did (along with lanterns) - we called them "tissue paper puffballs" but i'm not sure what the technical term is, haha!  

source - (c) caitlin campbell - photos from courtney's wedding!


i just want to bring some color in to the ballroom/dining room but don't want to go overboard either - is there such thing as a happy medium?  probably not in my life :)


  1. colors!!!


    This is where we bought the tissue paper pom poms:

    She can creat a custom set of colors as well.

  2. I say go for color as well! You could always do majority khaki with some in each of the other colors as well if you think it will be too much. Either way, I love the look of lantern or tissue poms hanging from the ceiling.

  3. another vote for color! I made about forty of the tissue pom poms for our wedding but ended up turning them into wreaths for the door to the church......we also hung paper lanterns from the ceiling at the reception, which I thought looked great! we went with shades of white/cream for everything, which I guess looked elegant but I kind of regret not having more color to make it more festive!

  4. YESSSS! I love them both! I've been thinking about doing the tissue poms too. Just a couple for the 1st few aisles in church. I was gonna ask if you made them or bought them but looks like your cousin already answered my Q. ;)

  5. I love tissue poms and I made all white for the pseudo-ceremony we're having. I would definitely recommend color for the reception though. Maybe tons of hot pinks and a few blues or khakis. I probably wouldn't do all three.

  6. I love the color!! So pretty.. the second picture is my favorite! I think the more the merrier, I would worry that it might look to sparse with only a few here or there.

  7. I like the neutral colored ones, but I'm always partial to neutrals :) I feel like on a white ceiling the effect is textural, whereas if you used colors it would be busy with all the contrast.


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