Wednesday, June 2, 2010

road trip

this past memorial day weekend pat and i decided to take a trip out of foggy san francisco down south towards the sun.  i am an east coast girl and NEED sunny summer days!  we headed out friday afternoon to drive to santa monica, and made our way slowly back up the coast to come back monday night - stops included santa monica, brentwood, santa ynez valley (wine tasting, hello!), santa barbara (we WILL win the lottery and move here), malibu (or we will move here), ventura (or here), san luis obispo, big sur, carmel and a few little places here and there in between.  what a horrible tuesday was waiting for me though as i exited "vacation mode" and came back to reality!  here's some pics from the trip (all taken from my camera so no copyright issues here!):

the open road

cool view from the rearview

pretty sunset

santa monica pier - click your heels 3 times and you'll be at seaside with "the situation"

 he might be upset i posted this...

so i embarrassed myself as well

this is what june mornings look like in pismo beach - marine layer of fog goes away around 12 everyday!  but i was on a quest for the perfect sand dollar...

this one reminds me of nantucket crossed with hawaii.  is that possible?

all in all we covered several hours of driving and only one "bad" meal (this is for the sake of my trainer but there might have been a few cheat meals here and there)

road trip breakfast of champions...don't worry, i paid for it today during my training session...

and although i missed my east coast crew and our annual memorial day weekend trip to beach haven in LBI, this weekend was a much needed escape for me to remind me that california really is a cool place to live.  visitors welcome!

my NJ crew - labor day '08

my NJ crew - memorial day '09


  1. Aww, I'm right there with you. This is the 1st year in a long time I haven't been to the NJshore either. My in-laws went though and my FSIL was kind enough to keep sending me drunk txt pictures from Jenks & the tiki bar though. And my MOH txtd me pics of her drinking Pina Coladas at the Seashell and even one from the Nardis bus at 1am! LOL

  2. Looks like a wonderful time!!

  3. @ Dancy - no you did not just bust out the Nardi's reference!!! bonus points!!

    @ Sara - yes thank you - it was a much needed escape!


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