Tuesday, June 1, 2010

tips i've learned along the way

as i've moved along through the past 8 months (whoa has it been that long?) i've learned some things along the way and wanted to share them.

1.  when you first get engaged everyone pummels you with "what does the ring look like?!" and "when are you getting married!" - take some time and enjoy the calm before the storm with the one you love before you delve in to planning!

2.  check out what everyone else is up to!  there is so much inspiration out there to keep your creativity moving along.  below are a bunch of websites and blogs that i have become pretty much obsessed with:

3.  there are so many details out there, so once you get ready to start with everything, creating the inspiration board really helps you pull all of your ideas together on http://www.dessy.com/styleboard/.  mine is attached - i have used this for so many things, to send to my makeup artist, florist, and venue to give them the "theme" of our day.

4. come up with an initial guest list, but don't tell anyone the date you end up picking other than close friends and family.  this way, once you book your venue and figure out how many people it can fit, you're not stuck in a bad place if you told everyone you know and now you can only invite half of them.

5.  once you decide the time of year when you want to get married, buy magazines during that season - specifically, martha stewart weddings.  martha stewart and real simple weddings are the best magazines, in my opinion, and if you get them in the season when you're getting married (like if you're planning on next spring, start gettting magazines now) you can find inspiration more relative to what you need!

6.  lastly, although i couldn't wait to get on the knot or weddingchannel.com before i got engaged, i'd say they are good as far as helping with checklists, but other than that i try to stay away - the problem i've found is that all of their vendors pay to be on the site, so recommended vendors might not actually be recommended, but would have just paid a fee to be featured on the site.  it is helpful though to see samples of other weddings, hairstyles, etc.  for advice i just go to the classifieds/boards on weddingbee.com.

what has been the best thing you've learned so far?

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  1. Awesome blog! Congrats and good luck. And thanks for following my boring little blog! Lol.

    What have I learned? Sooo much. Do NOT buy everything an entire year before hand. Unless you are only getting things customized, you will see stuff in the stores to make you swoon, and your mood changes. What you like now you may not give a crap about closer to. Please be strong, have will power, and really think about what things you can WAIT to buy.

    I also learned that being crafty and cost effective is really the most satisfying way to do things. It's only one day. Everything is not riding on every little detail and what *others* will think.


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