Monday, June 28, 2010

tissue paper pom poms part 2

the inspiration is back and it's back with a vengeance.  i have now become absolutely obsessed with these things and i now know why courtney was obsessed too!!

but now it's time to settle down a bit and figure out which colors i actually want!  everyone's seen my inspiration board a million times, but here it is again to give an idea of the overall theme:

so now comes time to figure out exactly which colors will work with the color scheme - what do you think?  too much color?  not enough?


  1. I like the hot pink and the vanilla or off white. I'm not sure the teal or lagoon is close enough to the blue in your inspiration board.

  2. I think I agree with Erica...the teal/lagoon are beautiful but aren't the same blue from your board. That said, if you're okay with a little variation in the blue color, go for it! The colors together look awesome.

  3. thanks!! i agree with you and actually with the blue canning jars on the table that might suffice for my "blue".

  4. Love the hot pink! I agree that the blue swatch on the insp. board doesn't match perfectly but it does kinda go with the designs on the cake.

    I vote you post a real life tutorial (not that Martha craziness) when you try these for those of us who are DIY-challenged. LOL


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