Sunday, June 20, 2010

weekend recap!

this weekend has been a whirlwind!  it's amazing and i don't want it to end!!  so here's a quick recap to get us up to speed to-date:

tuesday night, flew back to NJ

wednesday, worked in NJ and then.... went to my first yankees game in the new stadium!!  i'm just gonna say it once, but it is nothing compared to the old stadium - this new place is like an amusement park with ZERO charm :(.  but nonetheless, still great to be at a home game again.  AND, i didn't drink a single beer or eat a single french fry, which made my trainer very proud of me, and made me realize i really can live through food temptation :)

awesome seats on the 1st base line, personal photo

freddie sez even sat next to us with his pan and spoon! personal photo

thursday night i took it easy and worked on a game for my friend erin's surprise "bachelorette" night which was coming up the next day.  more on the game later this week.
friday my 3 best girlfriends (they're also 3 of my bridesmaids) from home came down to jersey to stay with me - they got stuck in tons of traffic though so we decided when they finally arrived not to drive to the shore for the day - instead, we laid out at the hoboken pier for the day and drank champagne!  later that night we threw a surprise "bachelorette" party for my friend erin who is getting married on july 10.  we had a nice night out on the town and it was so great to hang out with my girls!
the girls in our room at the W, personal photo
i'm sure the girls will be much happier with this photo :).  personal photo, from left - christine (maid of honor), betsy, me, erin
saturday was the most jam-packed day of them all - and the one i've been talking about the most for the past few months!  i got up bright and early (and didn't even have a headache from the previous night!) to go pick up my mom from grand central staion, and shortly after we arrived in hoboken i had my first dress fitting with my girls and MOM! YAY! and guess what ladies and trainer - they had to take the dress in 5" - yes, 5 inches!  now i'm not trying to brag but i have been working my BUTT off for the past 5 months trying to get in shape for this wedding!  when i first tried my dress on, it was a bit snug and the seamstress was like, "wow, it's a perfect fit!"  but when i came back for my first fitting this weeend, she was like, "wait a minute, what happened!"  and all i could do was think "YES!!".. anyways... sorry, but i won't be posting a pic on here because i am traditional in this one way, and i know pat reads the blog, so i won't be risking his eyes seeing the dress before the big day!  but all i can say is, it is perfect and just as i had pictured it, and it was so great to be reunited with it, and i didn't want to take it off, and, and, and...

after the dress fitting, we went back to the hotel to get ready for phase II of the day - pat's mom, aunt and sister-in-law threw me a shower for all the NJ/NY people to attend!  how sweet/wonderful/amazing of them!  i was very nervous and for the first time in my life, shy!  i was meeting all of pat's mom's friends and people i had heard about but never met, and it was great - everything i could expect and more.  i couldn't be more thankful to them for their hospitality and generousity!!  (more this week on how to transfer gifts from NJ to CA!)

gorgeous flower arrangements - made me second guess the table arrangements we've chosen for the wedding!  personal photo

chatting with a future sister-in-law and niece!!  personal photo

all my lovely lady friends!

me and my two little helpers - hannah and riley, personal photo

sunday i headed up to guilford to be with my dad on father's day and i also got to see my grandfather - it was so nice to spend time with family and friends throughout my visit that i am really dragging my heels to get back to san francisco.  it's an awesome city to visit - but to live?  well, it's just not home.

hope everyone else had a great weekend!


  1. Congrats on dropping all that weight! Glad your dress is so perfect :)

  2. Congrats to you on losing those inches!

  3. what a wonderful (and woah productive) weekend!

    sounds like you had a great time celebrating and seeing everyone!

    congratulations on all your hard work paying off too.

  4. Freddie Sez!! Mr. B looooves him! We have pics with him at the St. Patty's Day parade last year. LOL I'm still 50/50 on the new stadium. It's like MSG. If it wasn't old, gross & stinking of hot dogs & burnt popcorn it wouldn't be the garden! :)

    Those flowers are gorgeous! They'd make me re-think mine too! Glad you had such a wonderful weekend! And CONGRATS on 5 inchces!! DAYUM! I'd be happy with 5lbs! LOL

  5. WOW...what a weekend! You look so beautiful, I love your bridal shower dress! I loved the old Yankee Stadium...glad I got to go once in my life! What a sweet bridal shower...those flowers are so the colors. :) You must have been so tired when you got home...but it must have been a great time with family and friends and that you got to visit your dad! :)


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