Monday, June 7, 2010

willpower needed!!

I'm traveling for work this week after quite the weekend :). My cousin Courtney came from Cleveland to visit in San Francisco this past weekend and on Friday we toured wine country (wine and cheese and salami anyone?), saturday we hit up a local street festival but not until AFTER we did our 10 mile run across the golden gate bridge (horrible sports bra and tank top intertwined sunburn line, anyone?), and sunday we may or may not have gone to in-and-out burger (hey, she wanted to go! What was I supposed to do, deny a tourist the experience of in-and-out?)

Well back to the beginning of my story... I am en route to Orlando (waa waaa) for work for the next 3 days and did I mention, my first dress fitting is in 12 days?? I don't know about you but when I'm traveling I like to enjoy local faire and if I'm at a nice restaurant, the last thing I want is a salad and sparkling water! But I MUST be strong during this trip!! Help!! Words of motivational advice requested :)

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  1. Weigh yourself in the morning. Tell yourself you want to weigh either the same or one pound less by tomorrow. Really convince yourself of this as you're getting ready in the morning. Visualize what healthy options you have. That's helped me get get some weight off recently!


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