Wednesday, July 21, 2010

girls night out - stationery workshop recap!

remember i told you how much i love the paper source?  well, you can multiply that love by a thousand now, because last thursday night i went to one of their monthly workshops, "Sassy Personal Stationery - Girl's Night Out!"... and it was amazing.  if you haven't been yet, click HERE for a list of classes near you!

all pics taken from my blackberry cam:

i went with my friend geri (who's getting married in november in wine country, how amazing is that!), and thankfully she was able to go with me otherwise it would have been girl night out :). we decided, what girls night is complete without a margarita to kick it off?  and mine happened to be really pretty too :)

then when we arrived we were greeted with cupcakes, wine, cheese and crackers. 

each spot had a cute name badge and a bag to take our goodies home in.  note the red velvet cupcake and glass of wine :)

our first station taught us how to create cute cards using paper cutters, shape cutouts, string, holepunches and eyelets.  i took all of the time to just create the crab and anchor one - i was the slowest person there!

next up was the stamping/heat embossing station.  this was my favorite part and i wish i could have stayed there all day embossing everything in sight.  heat embossing is actually very simple, all you need is a heat gun (~$23), embossing powder (~$3-7), stamp (~$4-8), and a stamp pad (~$4).  the stamp pad color doesn't even really matter, because all you're seeing is the color of the powder once the heat hits it.  

what you do is:
1. take your stamp of choice and put it in the stamp pad, making sure it is evenly covered
2. stamp your paper of choice
3. while the stamp mark is still wet, sprinkle embossing powder over the paper where you stamped (like you'd put glitter over glue) and put the excess powder back in the jar.
4. turn on the heat gun and hold about 1/2" from the powder-covered stamp - move over the area until each section is shiny and looks "plastic-y"
that's it!  it's so easy and it dries very quickly - i'm definitely going to do this for my menus and ceremony handouts and anything else that needs to be created.

lastly we had the invite lining station where we cut pretty paper in to the right shape for each envelope and used tape liners to make them stay.  this part was actually really easy, surprisingly.

when you left they gave you a 10% off coupon (definitely going back to get the embossing stuff and some paper!) and a nice little case for the stationery you created.

definitely worth the $25 - i highly recommend going!


  1. Sounds fun! They are finally opening a Paper Source in our area but unfortunately, I don't think they'll be open until after our wedding. But I bought some supplies from their website. I was thinking about embossing something for the wedding. Not sure that I will, but it's nice to know it isn't too difficult!

  2. Ohh that does sound so fun! Glad you had good girl time! :)

  3. Anything DIY has my name on it. I still haven't checked for one on my area but I def will.
    Those cupcakes look yummy.

  4. I want that drink in the first pic lol

  5. I didn't know the class was at Paper Source! Love that place....well the catalog, wish they had a store near me. I love the stuff you made, ESPECIALLY the crabs and anchors, you have to teach me!

  6. wow!!! i am so impressed! those look amazing! (as does your cocktail!) and love catching a glimpse of your gorgeous ring!

  7. These look amazing! And I have a serious paper source obsession myself. Oh no. I NEED that heat embossed flower now.

  8. OMG that looks like so much fun!!! You did awesome!

  9. soooo cute! I love all things stationery and what a Fun idea for Girls Night, cocktails and poke a dot paper... can't go wrong!


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