Thursday, July 15, 2010

healthy competition... and a shameless plug :)

as you may or may not know, i'm in the running (not for america's next top model but that'd be kind of funny, wouldnt it?) for the "Best Real Bride Blog" on  first of all i find this to be beyond exciting and i can't thank everyone enough for even nominating me to this spot - to be one of the top 6 contenders along with these other huge blogs is amazing to me, especially considering the fact that i am a total underdog in this "competition".  second of all, the blogger who i've been neck and neck with this whole time threw out a "vote for me" post today so of course i'm gonna have to follow suit :) 

voting ends tomorrow night and you can vote once every 4 hours (but hey, who's counting right?).  i would LOVE to win this competition for nothing else than the fact that i feel like the little guy in this big competition, going up against the big names with hundreds of followers to their blogs, and it would just mean so much to me!

so please, if you haven't already and even if you have, click HERE and vote for "she said yes!" as much as you'd like through end of day tomorrow.  then we can get back to the fun stuff and i'll finally debut my invites :)

if the link doesn't work, post this in your browser:

feel free to spread the word like dancy did :)


  1. Don't worry chick, you got my vote more than once!

  2. I'm voting for you!!!

    p.s. do you subscribe to GOOP? Gwyneth's GO feature today is on S.F. & I thought of you!

  3. @ erin thanks!! - at least one of us right?? and no to the GOOP but i'm looking now!

  4. I voted for you again, and again and again.

  5. I voted for you a bunch!!!! You better win!!!!


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