Thursday, July 8, 2010

honeymoon gear online coupon codes!

i am LOVING this weather!  why?  because i'm a summer person who happens to be visiting back east for the week, and this is the way summer is supposed to be!  now if someone could give san francisco the memo before i head back on sunday, that'd be great, thanks :)

so... with this ridiculous hot weather what better time than now to stock up on honeymoon gear?  i know i did my 25 random facts a week or so ago, but something i left out was:

26.  at the age of 29 i still purchase most if not all of my bathing suits at victoria's secret.

there.  i said it.

so with that being said, i went on a bit of a rampage the other day at VS and purchased not 1 but 4 bathing suits...

note - i do not look like any of these skinny turds either.  but it's always awesome to buy a bathing suit and try it on yourself to discover this horrible fact :)

(except i got the multi-color bottom too, not yellow)

whenever i buy anything online, i always google " coupon codes" - and you'd be surprised at the many codes that are available out there!  victoria's always seems to be the best, though, so i wanted to share some with you in case anyone else is in the market for a cute bathing suit or dress.  usually you can use up to 4 codes in one order, so i usually grab a few and see which ones still work!

SP1023677 - free shipping when you spend >$100, even works on clearance!  expires 8/13

SWIMVS20 - 20% off swim clearance

FA1022633 - free PINK tote with PINK purchase (get a pair of $5 underwear!)  expires 8/20
SWIMS20 - 20% all swim
SP1020425 - $10 off a bra (applies to full priced bras only).  expires 9/30
and the best thing to do is check back often on the coupon websites because often times VS has a $50 off $125 purchase, $75 off $200 purchase, etc. and the savings really add up! 

happy shopping!

oh and PS - i'm still in the running for the best "real bride" blog award from - if you feel like it, please click here and vote for "she said yes!" today :)  thanks guys!!


  1. Thats so awesome about the coupons! Love the bathing suits...the polka dot with the ruffles is so cute! And I love the one with the little heart!! The multi colored one is so fun...and the last one is very sexy! I bet you rock these!

  2. These are too adorable - I LOVE the first one. You really can't go wrong with a vicky's suit!!!

  3. Love the suits.. I just ordered their Newlywed white bikini. Each piece is on sale for $6.99!

  4. @ nicole-lynn - i LOVE how they're all on sale now too! amazing :)


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