Friday, July 16, 2010

i now present to you: invite and envelope!

finally!  after all the fishing through huge invite books, choosing font choices, choosing wording choices, sending emails to the rents (and my cousin, my brother, my maid-of-honor, another cousin, pat, everyone i know)...the invites are COMPLETE!  and all of this madness is kind of hilarious, because i am actually one of those guilty people who end up losing the invites after i receive them and i always end up calling friends to see what time things start, etc.  and now i've labored over my own invites for the past 3 months!

unlike several of the bloggers out there (PS check out Erica's DIY invites over at Love at the Lodge!) our invites are not DIY - i have an amazing vendor through work who produced them for us - hence, we did not make them ourselves (this makes pat happy!)! 

the most amazing part about my invites besides what i just mentioned above, is that i was back east, at home, and i got to work on them with my mom!  it's the first project i've been able to work on with her, because i'm doing everything from across the country, so it was so nice to spend time with her and work on something together for once.

so without further ado, a photo recap (all taken from my handy blackberry cam):

the invites, waiting to be assembled.  and the beautiful stamp i forgot to use :)

my mom insisted on hand-writing every single of the 112 envelopes - she has gorgeous handwriting, but i was like "are you nuts!" (aka really you want to write them all?!  thanks!!)  but she was so excited to do it and the end result was perfect.

and i still had some of the "jacin and patrick" stamps leftover from the previous projects!  together with the cake stamps we had just the right amount to cover each envelope.

tucket was a big help

so was one-eyed bobby the wonder girl.  she thought she looked really great in her new haircut.

i did make my own direction cards, so i felt kind of DIY in that sense.  i even got to use one of those cool paper cutter things that my mom had laying around.

gotta make sure the response card #s were on the back of each RSVP card, just in case someone responds and forgets to put their name!

 and then i put the corresponding RSVP card # in my handy spreadsheet to keep track of responses and...
...their music suggestions!!!  we went back and forth about this for a while and finally decided to do it.  we love music and want to make sure our guests have a good time dancing!

my printer surprised me with a special treat - embossed envelopes with our return address (sorry for the blurry lines, tried to photoshop out the address info)!

and...the final product!  the self-contained envelope was actually a shimmery gold color and the paper inside was ivory with a midnight blue ink.  we chose a script font for all of the components and i think they came together really nicely.

and now the waiting game begins for RSVPs!

PS - today is the last day to vote for the bridal blog awards.  if you like what you see, please click here and vote for "she said yes!" - you can vote every 4 hours through midnight tonight - thanks so much everyone and HAPPY FRIDAY!


  1. They look great! So many bloggers have been posting their invites's so fun to see what everyones' look like. I love that shimmery gold paper!

  2. Beautiful I love them!!! Especially the embossed lettering on the envelope. Very classy!

  3. Just found your blog and since I'm just about to start looking for invitations for my wedding this was great! I also loooved the embossed lettering on the envelope. They look so nice!!

  4. they look beautiful! i love the embossing, color choices, and font! They are very classy and I know that your guests will love getting them. Our invites are not DIY either so I do have a bit of malcrafty bridal guilt but ordering from a fabolis vendor worked out best for us.

  5. They look fab and I love the accidental embossing! We considered buying a desk embosser for our return address way back in the day but that idea got scrapped, along with many others!

  6. I love the embossed address. It's so exciting waiting for rsvps.

  7. I love the portfolio style inner envelope containing all of the invite pages! Looks like a beautiful shimmery light gold! (and of course the return address is to die for!)

  8. I love the invitations and I think the musical suggestions is a GREAT idea! I might just have to borrow your idea :)

  9. They look awesome!! Your mom gets MAJOR credit for writing out all those envelopes. We had ours printed - hah!

    We sent out our invites this past weekend - finally!!


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