Monday, July 19, 2010

i think i found the part 97

i think i have finally found them.  or at least i've narrowed it down to 2 pairs.  it was like it was meant to be - i went to saks, neiman marcus and barney's today and in my first stop at saks i came across the very last pair of the most amazing shoes i've seen to date.  don't remember the others?  check here, here, here, and here.

to say i've become obsessed with the perfect pair of shoes for my wedding day is an understatement.  but i've always dreamed of wearing that signature red heel on our special day, and i think i've finally found the final 2 contenders (and considering they were the last 2, i think it must be a sign, don't you?):

all photos taken with the handy blackberry cam:
i really wish i took another picture because this does them no justice.  but i can DEFINITELY wear them again, they're the perfect nude peep toe shoe.

but then, there's these....
they're not even too tall!  they're just right.  they're just... gorgeous.  and the only shoe left in the country in MY size just happens to be a phone call away, i just have to make my decision by wednesday!

update!  just found these gems.... decisions, decisions...


  1. personally out of all the shoes in the different posts, I really like the top ones on this post. I got it in my head I wanted "blue" shoes. Seriously, it isn't all that easy. My mom suggested buying dye-able ones just so I could. I finally just bought a pair of silver ones. Took them with me dress shopping, but while I was in Texas, where my dress came from, I found THE SHOES. They are teal which is a blue color and one of my wedding colors! I do admit, the red shoe sounds appealing too! Good luck on your decisions! All your shoe choices are gorgeous though!!!

  2. oooooooooooh! love them both! but my vote is for the shimmery ones too!

  3. The shimmery ones are super cute and posh!

  4. Ahh, they are so dreamy, Jacin! I love them both! The first pair seem practical and the second are magical. Happy you found your shoes!

  5. They're all cute! I love the ones with the ruffles...I'm wearing a pair of nude heals with fabric flower clips. I hope you find your perfect pair!

  6. Dear Jacin.... I knew I liked reading about your wonderful wedding planning...I knew I loved whenever I got comments from you... but NOW... this crush has been taken to a whole 'notha level! We are shoe twins... not identical... fraternal. Check out my blog to see my Chiffon Lovelies that arrived today- they are the twin to your second pair. I love those bone patent leather- You can't go wrong with either one though...Louboutin makes the perfect shoe!

  7. i personally like the badgley mischkas - if they went with my dress i would have gotten them in a heartbeat!

  8. My shoes are Badley Mischka so I am a little partial lol. Love their shoes!

  9. OMG I love them all. I think you'll get the most future use out of the nude ones. You really can wear them with anything!

    Also - for shizz&giggles - Bakers makes knock offs of the Badgleys. Might be super fun just to play since they're only like $60 bucks:


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