Thursday, July 22, 2010

a makeup staple for the big day

...especially for the summer brides!  i stumbled across this stuff by accident after hitting up my local benefit store (and the girl of course had to give me a makeover even though i was clearly in my gym clothes and just wanted to get some mascara, but..) and i had the option for a free sample with my purchase and picked up this little gem.

benefit's dr.feelgood is a weightless balm that you can apply under makeup to prevent shine, or use as a touch-up tool for later in the evening to keep that matte look - you don't want people to see their reflection in your forehead, or a flash reflection in photos, right? :)

seriously, get this stuff.  it's amazing and a complete necessity for the makeup bag! 


i also have to add a disclaimer that i have REALLY sensitive skin, and this stuff does not clog pores or feel cakey.  you can't even feel it, it's so lightweight and just does it's job as a little miracle worker :)


  1. Does it make you feel all cakey like some of the primers? Just wondering!

  2. @ AZ - i just added another comment, that's a good point! NO - it doesn't feel cakey at all, it's amazing. it just goes on, very lightweight, and eliminates the shine! i use it every morning under my bronzer :) and it helps keep the shine away all day.

  3. sounds like a plan! anything to help fight the shine sounds good to me.

  4. Cool - will def. come in handy when I'm all sweaty since I plan on never leaving the dance floor. Now... if my makeup artist would only call me back!!

  5. I just found your blog and love it!! In a similar boat as I am living in Maryland but planning a Fall wedding in New Hampshire. Its tough work not being able to be able to just drive to the venue or meet with the florist, but everything will work out in the end. New follower for sure!!

  6. good to know. i had no idea this even existed! my mom and i were just talking about that deaded shiny face in the flash thing!


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