Saturday, July 24, 2010

my first earthquake!!!

holy crap!  this past friday i experienced my first earthquake since moving to california (and first ever!)... it was CRAZY (luckily, not like "dangerous" crazy, but just shocking to me!).  it only lasted for like 2 seconds but for an east coaster like me, i was pretty freaked out for a lot longer than that afterwards.

and here it is:

it was a 3.5 magnitude which on the record books isn't much to write home about, but it still left me pretty shaken (no pun intended).

so i was sitting in my office in san bruno, about 13 miles south of san francisco, when all the sudden i heard this loud BOOM! noise, i can't even explain what it felt like - it was almost like a mack truck hit my building, like a sudden jolt, like someone rear-ended my car, followed by this weird feeling like my office was riding a wave in the ocean.  i suddenly jumped up and out of my office, and saw some of my colleagues looking at me (all californians) - the conversation went something like this:

me: "WHAT WAS THAT!!  WAS THAT WHAT I THINK IT WAS?" (all caps because yes, i was yelling)

colleagues: "yeah - it was."


colleagues: "um, it's over.  but you can stand in the door frame if it makes you feel safe."


that's what happens for a first-timer in an earthquake i guess (and i can only hope that this is my first and LAST experience!)


  1. WOW! Yeah I'd probably freak the eff out. Luckily it never happened to me when I was in LA but I can't imagine ever being "used" to them.

  2. Oh Man I would have been terrified as well!! I can't believe everyone in your office was just like "eh..yea..just an earthquake" !!

  3. Don't worry, I'd have freaked out too! You can now cross that off your bucket list.


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