Sunday, July 4, 2010

need suggestions for questions for our venue!

we have our first (and only!) meeting with the venue tomorrow to go over menu, drinks, the day, and everything in between.  i am making a list now (this guy is gonna wish he never met me, haha!) of things to check with him about, but is there anything i'm forgetting or anything you recommend to check on beforehand?

PS - had the BEST weekend ever - friday night flew back from SF, saturday had my shower in CT, saturday night my parents threw a bbq with friends and family, and today was the 4th - my favorite holiday EVER!  more details on all of the above in a separate post this week :)


  1. Some stuff I asked was more about the ceremony and transition into reception since we are having both in the same location. Stuff to ask may include:

    1. (Depending on the type of bar package) Can you close the bar during dinner and base that off consumption?
    2. How much will people need to drink to make an open bar worthwhile (for us it may be better to have a consumption bar if our guests in general are not heavy drinkers)
    3. How should we let you know if one of our guests has food allergies? Can you accommodate this?
    4. What time are we able to access the venue to set up?
    5. Can we leave stuff at the venue the night before (this may include a pair of shoes to dance in, any decor you're DIY-ing, etc.)

    Also, check the bathrooms. For whatever reason, the bathrooms in our venue have those advertisements in each stall (like when you go to a restaurant/club in NY) but I've heard of other couples covering them up with posters. It never dawned on me, though, that those would even exist there!

  2. Tamar has great questions...esp about the food allergies. I had a guest who was Jewish and asked me if I could find out about omitting the sauce off her chicken dinner. I asked, they left one sauce off and she had a great dinner!

    Ask questions about where the guestbook gets set up, if you have any handicap guests or older guests who cant use stairs...the guys bathroom in our venue was downstairs in the basement and I didnt want my husbands 85 yr old grandfather having to go down they let him use the woman's biggie!

    Will they get rid of your flower centerpieces if no one wants to take them home, when can other vendors like photographer, florist, videographer, and dj come to set up....

    Hope these help. Good luck at your meeting.


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