Friday, July 2, 2010

no priest, YES problem!!

remember my little dilemma a few weeks ago?

well as a recap, a few weeks back, we found out that our priest had been transferred to another parish, so we would have to meet his replacement once he started.  well, today i was trying to approach this proactively and try to book a meeting with the new priest this weekend when i'm home.  i called the church and left a message for the new priest, "Father John".  about 25 minutes later, Fr. John called me back...

the good news: we can meet with Fr. John on Saturday when i'm home.

the bad news: Fr. John is leaving in a month, and then a new guy will come replace him!!!!!!!!!

so remember what happens when i get really frustrated?  here i am, on the phone with this new priest whose first day was today, practically getting ready to cry because i am trying to absorb this horrible news.  we live on the other side of the country so the first and only time we're going to meet our new priest is... THE DAY OF THE WEDDING!!?!?!

we had a good relationship with our old priest, he was so helpful to us in the planning from across the country, and it would be ideal to have someone who you know and have a relationship with perform the ceremony... but now it sounds like we're going to be shaking this new guy's hand introducing ourselves and then he's gonna be announcing us as husband and wife!


  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear that. Hopefully you'll get to at least chat on the phone with the new priest before your wedding.

  2. Oh geez! We're in a similar boat... we had to replace our officiant (now with 6 weeks to go) and won't get to meet her until the day of or (possibly) a day or two before. Looking forward to a lot of e-mail convo.

  3. Jacin Im really sorry to hear that, is there any way in chance of getting your old priest to still perform? Any way you can get an email address or phone number of the new guy so that you can talk things over? I hope you get to have some contact with him before. Good luck. Lots of love. ♥

  4. Oh man, I hate things like that. Maybe you can try to talk to him on the phone and through emails so that you all get a better feel for each other. Sorry to hear that.


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