Monday, July 12, 2010

ode to my florist

my florist (jennifer hodgins at branford flower shop) is so amazing.  she is so patient with me - and i have changed my mind about 40 times so far.  how could you not??  she sent me a 6 page document -yes, 6 pages- of options with 5 sample ideas for each component.  below are a few of the ideas she had for the bridal bouquet: 

sample 1
white hydrangeas
pink lisianthus
ivory roses, open
seeded eucalyptus
lemon leaves collaring the bouquet 

sample 5
white football mums *DING DING DING!*
pink dahlias
ivory roses, open
white snowberries
silver brunia
wide, white satin ribbon loops collaring the bouquet
substitute pink ranunculus for the pink dahlias, if possible 

i love how she gave me so many options...but for me - too many options means i am googling images of each flower, then i create blog posts about it (over and over)....and anyone who knows me knows that i am completely and totally unable to make a decision if there are too many options (seriously - google "colors" on my blog: there are 4 PAGES of posts about it!  ha!)...  

so meanwhile, i've emailed jennifer about 40 times about my blue canning jars (what size? how many?) so many times that when i showed up this past saturday for my meeting to finalize the flowers, i brought one of the lovely jars with me and she jokingly said "oh geez, the blue canning jars!  i have never heard so much about canning jars in my life!"  but she patiently walked me through the options on the 6 page document so we could decide on all the final floral arrangements.  i might be the only female on earth who wants nothing to do with roses on my wedding day, unless they're beach roses,
 personal photo
and in exchange, football mums will be a main attraction in our pretty blue "vases" (unless some lucky stroke of el nino allows ranunculus to grow late in the season).  i also wanted to bring in the eucalyptus to represent california in to the new england theme, so that's definitely going to make a debut in there too.  here's a few sample flowers that she pulled out to show me while i was there - it was so helpful to see everything in person rather than relying on images!

personal photo from the blackberry cam

i love the colors - together they look so rustic but in a romantic way.  i ended up choosing a combination of the samples i listed above, not the same colors as the image, but along with my color scheme.

we will be using all white tablecloths and place settings, but i was thinking some kind of khaki linen strip across the rounds with the blue canning jars on top and votives would look pretty and would really tie everything together... but let's tackle one thing at a time, ok? :)

oh, and have you voted today?  :)


  1. Ohhh the football mums look great! I am doing all white flowers and those are a great option. I'll look into those! :) Your flower options sound so nice! They're going to look great in the blue jars! I love those and have a small collection of the aqua ball jars in different sizes. I'm also a "no rose" bride to be... but I do like the look and fullnesss of peonies which resemble roses a little.

    We are also using all white linens (hello, free!?) and using burlap as table runners that I'm buying at a local linen store. It fits our beach theme, and it's very cost efficient.. under $30 for 15 runners! I'd look into the fabric stores near you.

  2. I love, love, love, football mums!

  3. Sounds like you have a great florist! I also want nothing to do with roses, but unfortunately, it may be all we can afford for our centerpieces...we're having dahlias and calla lillies for our bouquets but to have them in our centerpieces will raise the price way to much. But I still need to meet with the florist to finalize things, so I'm going to see what other affordable flower we can substitute the roses for.

  4. Your flower choices are beautiful. Thanks for link to enter the wedding bee contest. I will. Oh and i've voted for you like a gazillion times. I left you an award on my blog.

  5. you're not the only one...I also don't want any roses for my wedding. I think they're a little cheesy, and also just not my style.

  6. love the khaki table runner/strips cous!


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