Wednesday, July 28, 2010

operation: happiness

what makes you happy?  

i love reading all the blogs i follow every night after work (and sometimes i squeeze some in early before i head to the office) because they don't involve my brain to be thinking of my next work project or proposal or what i have to do that day - it is so uplifting!  i love looking at all the inspiration and pretty things.. and most of all i love reading all the optimistic "glass is full" posts filled with overall glowing happiness - it really is inspiring!  unlike facebook where you have debbie downer complaining about work, or being sick, or it's raining... on here, you just don't have that (i try to leave my rants of horrible days off the blog for this very reason, but understand the need for other brides to vent - after all, what better place to get all this support!).  i love it.  i just said "i love" 4 times... is there life after wedding planning?  :)

so along with the 25 things about me post inspired by dancy, i wanted to post 15 things that make me happy.  and i hope you'll follow suit because it's a nice chance to take a break from it all to think about what's really important to you?  what makes you tick? (and if you do it, let me know so i can check it out!)

so without further ado, my "operation: happiness" list:

1. pat - knowing he is there and we will be together through thick and thin.  i can't wait to start the rest of our lives together and eventually start a family.  thinking about what is to come is just as exciting as what already is.
not my puppy but i wish it was.  if it was, it'd be on here.

2. my family - near or far, they've always been there for me and have made me who i am today.  while i'm somewhat sentimental about changing my last name, i know that this isn't what connects you to your family and it's all about the values they've taught you and the bond you have with them that really matter.  and i'm honored to be taking on a new last name to represent the family that i will be starting with pat, and to be gaining 21 new family members from his side!

3. my friends - whether in australia, new zealand, fiji, england, wales, canada, new jersey (hey wait - that's not a country!), and all over the US.  my friends keep me sane and keep me laughing.

4. flowers - it doesn't matter how horrible the day is.  flowers make everything better - or at least let you smile for a moment even in the tough times.

5. pretty things - no joke.  i heart pretty things.  i love inspiration boards, i love looking at pretty wedding pictures, i am just pretty much obsessed.

6. the beach - and everything about the beach.  i love being outside, in the sunshine, sitting in the sand and swimming in the salty ocean water.

7. wine - i love exploring wine country!  i love tasting new wines and pretending i'm in tuscany (never been, but it's fun to pretend).  i love learning about the wines and how they're made, and the differences between regions and grapes.

8. cooking a really hearty stew or soup - soul food.  really i just love cooking things that take a lot of steps and involve a lot of love and time.  and i love sharing them with people!

9. canning my own pickles and jam - you know you're from new england if... you call yard sales "tag sales", you call the liquor store a "package store", you call chocolate sprinkles "chocolate shots"...  and if you can make your own pickles and jam :)

10. happy hour on a friday afternoon - the week is over, your blackberry is off, and the weekend has begun with a cold beverage of choice and a salty trainer-not-approved appetizer.

11. hand-written letters - there's something so special about a hand-written letter.  someone took the time to sit down and write you a note and put it in the mailbox instead of sending an email.  mimi always did this.  i want to try and do this more (with my new stationery of course!)

12. sleeping in on a weekend morning and having no plans whatsoever - i LOVE having no plans.  even though i'm an event planner at heart (and by profession), i love knowing i have no obligations and nowhere to be.  it's amazing.

13. going back east - being with my family and friends from home, getting to see the family pets, going to yankees games, listening to hot 97 and e-street radio, eating tons of horrible food (then coming back to SF and running the extra miles up and down the hills to work it back off :)
a REAL bagel!
the city!
bobby in her car seat
real pizza.  modern in new haven.  the BEST.

14. clean sheets and an empty laundry basket - i love the smell of laundry detergent but i love the fact that the job is over even more than that.  there's nothing better than a freshly made bed with nice, clean, soft sheets.

15.  planning the wedding and writing this blog - it has provided me with an outlet to share my planning experiences and everyday life with my friends and family who live 3,000 miles away.  and i've gained several new blogger comrades along the way who are going through the same experiences as me!  and my "vendors" have become more than that, they've become friends!  it is so much fun - i just can't wait to post all the secrets and surprises from the big day (but not til it's over!)

ok now i've said "i love" ~17 times... i guess that means there really is life after wedding planning.  :)


  1. I also love the beach, sleeping in, handwritten letters, empty laundry baskets and clean sheets, and wedding planning.. :) That's great you can you own pickles and jam! How fun! :)

  2. This is a great post. I'm going to do it but it might take me a while - is it sad that I can't think of 25 things that make me happy off the top of my head? LOL

    Oh & the guy hanging upside down in your Friends picture = hilarious!!! LOL

  3. what a great list - it made me happy reading it!! i wholeheartedly agree with everything (except substitute Dan for Pat, and that I live back east and don't have to travel back, oh, and i somehow don't know how to can anything! haven't done it since i was 5 with my mom... maybe this is the year to learn and make some anniversary preserves?) Oh, and most importantly i agree that modern beats our sally's or pepe's anyday!!!

  4. awesome list... ok I'll take the challenge... but it might take a bit :)... think Nicole, think :)

  5. what a fun post!!! ditto on so many things :-)

  6. Great list. I wish I could can anything. Maybe something else to add to the DIY list. Life after wedding planning, here I come.

  7. Love this! :) Many things on your list make me happy too.

  8. OOOh I love this post! Such a nice list! Wine definately makes me happy - and you are SO right about clean sheets making me happy! Ugh! Nothing better! lol

  9. What a great post. I LOVE ;) it! I agree that I try and keep any negative stuff to a minimum, if at all, on my blog. My blog is something for me to look back on and remember the joy and happiness of this time....not stupid little things (Like my photographer NOT CALLING ME BACK!) Ok...I'm fine.:)


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