Friday, July 23, 2010

ranunculus. yes! ranunculus!!!!

i have now raved about my florist in about 4 different posts.  but now the crowning glory has happened.  i have been absolutely obsessed with ranunculus since before i was even engaged.  they're kind of like mini peonies, and they are absolutely gorgeous.

but, as we all know, i'm getting married in september when these lovely gems are unfortunately no longer in season.  even though i had it in my head that i wouldn't have these on the big day, i still had this glimmer of hope inside and threw it out there every time i spoke with my florist (jennifer hodgins at branford flower shop).  and just the other day, a miracle occurred.  i received the following email:

Subject: Fw: RE: Ranunculus in Sept

Hi Jacin,
I know you just got bad news about your blog*, but I have some good news about your ranunculus.  I was surfing like crazy this weekend** trying to find your ranunculus.  Please read the forwarded emails and let me know if you want me to go ahead with this.  :-)
- Jennifer

Jennifer Hodgins
Branford Flower Shop, LLC

*i was in the running for the best real bridal blog on - this was the day the winners were announced and i found out i didn't make the cut by a whopping 2%, haha - what has my life come to?  hilarious.  BUT - i was thrilled to see that erin at sparkle & hay won the editor's pick!  it was great to see an underdog like me beat out the big names, and being the editor's pick is the real deal!  check her out, she's amazing.

**seriously?!  working on a weekend to find these crazy flowers i've been obsessing over?  if you live in the CT area and need a florist get on the phone with jennifer immediately.  she is amazing!  i can't even say enough things about her.

so back to the story - low and behold, in the email chain that jennifer sent me, was a flower dealer who would have my magical ranunculus, in september, in time for our wedding... and in the color we wanted!!!!!!!!!  i was ecstatic!!!  i still am!  can you see all the exclamation points?  it's almost frightening!  :)

so now i present to you, without further ado, the inspiration board i just created based on the actual flowers for our wedding.  i. am. so. happy. :)

we are going to use burlap table runners under our blue mason jars filled with bright pinks and whites, and eucalyptus to represent cali.  there will be beach stones and beach grass and's really all coming together and i am so thrilled.  

hope everyone has an amazing weekend :)


  1. They're beautiful! Congrats on being able to have them! :) I love the look of all white ranunculus! Thinking of using them for our wedding.

  2. Congrats, that is exciting! Ranunculus FTW!

  3. Oh my god this is amazing on so so many levels!!! I am so happy you are getting your beautiful flowers!!! (and thanks so much for the shout out love!) I just cannot wait to see your wedding... it will be all that I can do to keep myself from driving by the P.O. club that day and trying to peak in!!!

    Do you know where you're getting your burlap from? if you are open to very rustic & trimming yourself gemplers has some for very reasonable!

  4. it's going to look fabulous!! i'm a little lost when it comes to flowers!

  5. I love ranunculus! That is what I'm using too! They are going to be GORGEOUS!!

  6. Congrats! Those flowers are gorgeous!

  7. I love the color combo. The light & dark pinks with the pale blue of the glasses and then the green-blue of the eucalyptus - it's going to be spectacular!

  8. Just got back from vacation so Ive been a little MIA! But Im sorry to hear that you didnt win, but I still love your blog and voted for you! But Im happy for all the bloggers that were nominated and won. Any way...CONGRATS on getting your flowers. They look so romantic and soft and so does your inspiration board...I love the idea of the burlap! So happy for you! Have a great weekend! ♥

  9. i love it!! congrats on being able to get the exact flowers you want :-) i lovvvve ranunculus

  10. Beautiful! I love your flower choices :)

  11. I have a new appreciation for ranunculus, dedicated florists, and asterisks after reading this post. I can't wait to see your arrangements in person!

  12. I came back to read this.. forgot what the flower was called and wanted to refer back to this post! Meeting with a florist today. I forgot to mention in my other comment we're also doing burlap table runners! I'm looking forward to seeing everything after your wedding :)


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