Thursday, July 29, 2010

searching for the perfect fragrance

the sense of smell is so amazing.  i love how catching a scent in the air reminds me of a memory, a special place, or a loved one.  i recently bought a new facewash and it's amazing how the smell of facewash can make me happy - the fragrance reminds me of the sweet smell of my grandmother, she must have had some kind of bubble bath that was made with the same floral aromas.  and beach roses remind me of summers in nantucket when we had no cares in the world.  i could go on and on...

but now i'm searching for the perfect perfume to depict our wedding day.  i want that smell to remind me of all the wonderful memories of the day - all the tiny details that i know existed but most people probably won't even notice, and most importantly, i want it to remind us of the best day of our lives.

my cousin posted about this last year as well and ended up with falling in love by philosophy.
i love the philosophy perfumes - they're so elegant and romantic.  and falling in love was definitely the perfect scent for courtney.  

i've always been in love with stella by stella mccartney - Sweet yet sensuous, this sophisticated scent pairs feminine notes of rose and peony with juicy mandarin and intense amber for a scent that's both sexy and unmistakably stylish.

other ideas:

marc jacobs - classic, luxurious, and comfortingly feminine; sensuous and uncomplicated, complementing the wearer without overwhelming her; with notes of  Gardenia, Wild Muguet, Skin Musk, Cedar, Ginger.

love and white by creed -  with Orange zest from southern Spain, young glistening rice husk from Tonkin in the south Asian seas; iris from Egypt; white jasmine from the Italian coast; daffodils from the French Riviera; magnolia from the mountains of Guatemala, Bulgarian rose, Vanilla from the island of Java; ambergris from Calabria; and sandalwood from Mysore, India.

sugar by fresh - a vibrant fragrance incorporates sparkling citrus notes with delicately sweet heart and lingering warm base notes

princes by vera wang - a flirty blend of water lily, lady apple, mandarin meringue, and golden apricot skin are melded with sheer floral notes, accented with dark chocolate, and finished with a pink frosting accord, amber, warm woods, musk, and vanilla

romance by ralph lauren - a sensual essence of velvety woods, extravagant florals, and seductive musk.

eau de cartier by cartier - with Yuzu, Bergamot, Violet Leaves and Flowers, Musk, Lavender, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Amber.

petite cherie by annick goutal - a fruity-floral fragrance in which vanilla, peach, musk rose and freshly cut grass recall purity and boldness. 

and lastly, a helpful guide to choosing your wedding perfume from

Perfume or Cologne?
The list below gives the concentration of the standard fragrance types and how they should be applied.
  • Perfume - Very concentrated; use sparingly. Best to avoid in very warm weather.
  • Eau de Parfum - Very concentrated, but weaker than perfume; apply to pulse points only.
  • Cologne - Half the concentration of perfume; apply to pulse points or lightly spray.
  • Eau de Toilette - Generally weaker than cologne; spray normally.
Shopping Tips
  1. Experiment at least one month before your wedding to be sure you like your new fragrance and that you’re not allergic to it.
  2. Shop alone for your fragrance to avoid having the opinion of others cloud your judgment.
  3. Never shop for a fragrance while wearing one. The scents will conflict.
  4. Take your time to find the right fragrance as your scent says a lot about your personality.
  5. Always test a fragrance on your skin. Smelling a fragrance in the bottle only reveals the top notes. The base notes develop when fragrance touches your skin and takes a little while to develop fully. Spray the tester, then walk away for an hour or so.
  6. Limit the number of fragrances you smell at a time. If your sense of smell becomes confused, try sniffing coffee beans to refresh it. (Fragrance counters in upscale department stores now have coffee beans available for doing this).
  7. If coffee beans aren't available and your sense of smell becomes overwhelmed, ask for samples to test at home.
  8. If you intentionally selected aromatic wedding flowers, make sure your fragrance and flowers don’t compete.
  9. Tie your wedding day fragrance to your wedding theme. Will yours be a traditional, romantic affair? Light floral scents will work best.
Wedding Day Suggestions:
  1. Let the barometer guide you: you’ll need less fragrance in warm weather. Stick to body mists and scented lotions.
  2. Spray on fragrance before getting dressed to avoid possibly staining your dress.
lastly, i just got this great idea from nicole at that's life: "Another thing I heard at a shower to help you remember that day is you keep the tissue paper from gifts and then line your drawers with the tissue paper and spray them with your perfume you wear on your wedding day. Then when you open the drawer up that smell there fore thoughts surround you all over again."
any other ideas for the perfect wedding day fragrance?


  1. falling in love by philosophy will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart as it is the fragrance i was wearing when dan & i first started dating!!! (literally, i bought it at sephora the very day that he and i first officially "met up" that night) i still have a little bottle that i break out from time to time and he always recognizes the scent, LOVE the idea of having a signature wedding day scent - brilliant!

  2. My favorite used to be Marc Jacob's "Rain" but it's really hard to find.

    I might just go with VS "Body" it's his favorite of all my perfumes.

    I also really want to check out the Reese Witherspoon perfume but you can only get it through Avon & I don't know anyone who sells it - just to see what it smells like.

  3. Another thing I heard at a shower to help you remember that day is you keep the tissue paper from gifts and then line your drawers with the tissue paper and spray them with your perfume you wear on your wedding day. Then when you open the drawer up that smell there fore thoughts surround you all over again.

  4. I wish this post had smell-a-vision lol I am excited to go shopping now and check out some of these scents. My go to fancy favorite is Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker... pretty & pink with an amazing light floral scent. I plan to get something new for the wedding though. :-)

  5. Cous, you can go to Sephora, tell them you need help deciding a fragrance and they'll fill up little vials of whatever you want to try for free! :)


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