Friday, July 30, 2010

shoes - the final post

do you see this?  see this bag?  know what this means???

it means... my shoe guy at saks hooked a sister up... once i finally made up my mind, that is.  and the final wedding shoe winner is....

the christian louboutin parisienne plato suede in nude.  the most amazing shoes i will ever own and the perfect final piece to my wedding day ensemble.  if you thought my "what makes you happy" post was over the top, you don't even know what is going through my head right now!!!

so as you know, i have been going to my local saks, neiman marcus, & barneys every month in search of the perfect wedding shoes.  i go online to each website nearly every day as well, in search of the perfect red heeled wedding shoes and in hopes that something new will pop up.  i even bought 2 fake pairs from china (and promptly returned them, embarrassed that i even attempted such a thing -it didn't help that they smelled like gasoline and looked like "escort" shoes-).  

the salesmen at all of the department stores said "what about these lovely prada shoes?  what about these manolo blahniks?"  no.  i have always had my heart set on a pair of louboutins, with the red heels.  we all know this; i have over 7 posts about this. it's ridiculous!  it's even in my very first inspiration board that i made last october!  

but then last tuesday i walked in and found the ones.  THE ONES.  and i knew my search was over.

but they only had 1 pair the entire country.  and they were not in my size.  so i gave up and chalked it up to fate... but then my shoe guy, kevin, called me to let me know that he just looked in the system and there was another pair left - and it was my size!  he was able to track them down from the houston saks, and next thing i knew, after some discussion with pat about whether i was crazy to be making this purchase, they were on their way to san francisco.

and now they are here.  they are mine!  and i could. not. be. more. excited.  seriously.  i am going to wear these babies around the house as much as i have to so they're like buttah on the day of the wedding.  SO. excited.

and there you have it - the shoe search comes to an end.  no more concerns over wearing my rainbow flip flops on the day of the wedding.  was the time and effort worth it?  you bet!

pat came home to me on the couch in my new shoes watching bethenny's getting married from my DVR.  i have no shame in any of this.  do you see the glowing happiness? :)

happy friday everyone!!  off to tahoe this weekend for some nor-cal summer fun - catch you back on monday :)


  1. I love them! They are perfect :) Oh what a pair of louboutins do to a girl :)

  2. Great choice on the shoes! Love them!

  3. They're Perfect!!! Can't wait to see it all together.

  4. Gorgeous and you could so rock those again after the wedding!

  5. I bought a pair of $32 flats at Macy's and called it a day. I can wear them again and my feet were comfy. But naturally they were not nearly as dreamy as your loubout's. And, you will always remember you wore them for the first time on your wedding day.

  6. @ frugalista - i totally agree! and what i failed to mention was that my dress was half of what i was planning on spending... so i decided to take the plunge and purchase the shoes. never again in my life will i do something like this so i decided to bite the bullet and do it :)

  7. congrats! and you can definitely wear those babies again! my friend said that she's ok wearing a burlap sack but she wants to splurge on the wedding shoes (and definitely louboutins)

  8. @ tamar - MY SENTIMENTS EXACTLY! :)

  9. Those shoes kick ass! I love, love them. I hope they're comfortable because if I were you, i'd sleep in them. Great choice.

  10. OK You look sexy in those shoes!! Congrats, congrats, congrats! I have been following your shoe search and even gave some links so I know that this is a big deal! And having size 11 feet and searching forever for my flats I know how important shoes for the big day are. So happy for you!! YAY JACIN! ♥ PS I love Bethenny getting married!! She peed in a!

  11. Those really are the perfect wedding shoes. I'm personally wearing blue (something blue) at my wedding because I have a short gown. I also am going to be getting my first pair of Louboutain's shortly. Just have to decide between black or nude.

    P.S. I tagged you on my blog. Check it out.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  12. LOVE! Congrats, they are fabulous!


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