Sunday, July 11, 2010

weekend wedding celebration update!

i have been back east since last friday (july 2) and it was AMAZING to be back.  i got so much done, as it's pretty much my last trip home until the wedding, but more on that later this week.  

now it's time to focus on the main event of my visit - one of my best friends in the whole world, erin, got married to one of the best guys in the world, rich.  in fact - i actually helped with the matchmaking :).  it was an absolutely perfect connecticut shoreline wedding.  here's a recap of all the fun details :)

i found this on the morning of the wedding - the weather called for rain but thanks to this little gem, the rain held off!

(c) caitlin campbell - how adorable is the flower girl?  dimples and all!

personal photo

personal photo - pretty hydrangeas in little aluminum buckets lined the aisles of the church.

personal photo - the first glimpse photo when the beaming groom saw his bride walk down the aisle.

personal photo - could she look any more stunning??

personal photo
(c) caitlin campbell - mr. and mrs. decker!

(c) caitlin campbell - the bride and groom in an old fashioned ride

personal photo

(c) caitlin campbell - amazing DIY decorations - pashmina scarves draped the tables and gave an extra pop of color - and guests were urged to take them home afterwards!

personal photo - the clouds provided a gorgeous backdrop for all the photos.  and i LOVE these large mason jar-inspired candles!

(c) caitlin campbell - gorgeous puff balls and lanterns!  can it get any better than this?

personal photo - me and the gorgeous bride.  i've known erin for over 20 years (yikes!) and i was so happy to be able to share in her special day.

personal photo

personal photo

personal photo - our friend (and erin's first friend in the world, they literally grew up together since diapers) jon sang "you are the best thing" by ray lamontagne acoustic on guitar.  it was PERFECT and so special and amazing.

personal photo - a tuckered out flower girl and her daddy :)

personal photo

personal photo - erin is an elementary schoolteacher and her favors were so special and amazing - schoolbooks that had a label inside each one where you wrote your name and they were donated to a local school.  how cool is that!

personal photo - how amazing was this backdrop?!

personal photo

personal photo

(c) caitlin campbell - the cupcake tower was a hit with the little ones :)

(c) caitlin campbell - the bride and her proud dad

personal photo (blackberry cam!) - the happy couple

i could go on and on about this wedding.  first of all, i'm partial to this because erin has been one of my best friends for so many years.  but secondly as a wedding obsessed bride-to-be, this wedding was up in the top of all i've ever been to.  erin was such a laid back bride and took everything in stride, so relaxed along the way.  i think we can all learn something from that because look at how amazing her wedding turned out!  everything tied together, her best friend sang her first dance song, she had all of her friends and family dancing on a porch overlooking long island sound without a drop of rain and most importantly she got to marry the man of her dreams - all in one day :).  

...and i may or may not have snuck in to their condo before they got home to drop off some balloons, heart confetti, 2 candles, 2 champagne glasses and a bottle of bubbly so they'd have something special to come home to in their first night as a married couple :)

congrats erin and rich - love you guys!


  1. awe, everything looks so pretty, I love the orange and pink against the natural backdrop!

  2. Wow. I forgot about Jon Moore entirely.

    What is he up to, anyway?

  3. LOVE it Jacin! This is so nice..Can we give you one pic?? ;)

  4. Beautiful wedding! I love the color scheme and the use of the pashminas--such a great idea.

  5. those bright colors pop and are so so pretty! the newlyweds look so happy :)

  6. Wow you really *can* find 4 leaf clovers anytime huh? If you could, like find 1 Sept 5th in or around Stamford, I'd really appreciate it mmmkay? ;)

    Gorgeous wedding. I think the pic of the flowergirl sleeping on her Dad is my fave.


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